Tablo support lack of resonse

@tablotv @tabloceo why nothing about manual recordings on the 4th gen
Do we all need to return them t lol Best Buy?what about “coming soon” AppleTV app?

What we all need to remember is we are early adopters of a new piece of technology. It’s not perfect, I’m an IT professional and have done all my own troubleshooting thus far. I currently tell my family the app is available on Roku but not to use it. You want it on Apple TV I understand that but let the developers do their work. Is this a ready for public device, us Roku users it’s Beta at best. I don’t know how well it works on any other devices currently suppoted aside from the Android app, which works fine for what I use it for. I say the same thing for my new pet safe GPS fence for my dogs …each firmware update will fix our issues. I early adopted slingtv the roll out was awful. Same with Plex was awful on Roku. Patience is key. They hear us and are working on it.

You know what is going on with the AppleTv app, so I am surprised you are asking. If you don’t, look at a particular thread looking for participants.

Manual recordings were on the legacy Tablo mainly to help those without a subscription. It may come eventually to the 4th gen, but it has to be a really low priority.

It’s really not a new product. They had a very solid product that they re-homed into new hardware. In the process they totally messed it up. I have an old one that I would not trade right now for a dozen of the new ones.

Unless the gen 4 is using the maxlinear tuner, grace notes, pixelworks CPU, and pixelworks software stack it would be hard to call it “re-homed”.

New owners, new problems. I get what they did. HDHOMERUN tried to give everyone rights to cable channels with a subscription service they literally didn’t have the rights to rebroadcast - I fell victim to that. I’ve had hdhomerun products for a while they’ve always worked ok. I never switched to the legacy Tablo because of subscription fees, may as well break out my old TiVO bolt. That aside I agree it’s “newish” but it’s new enough to not be compatible with the legacy app. It’s planned obsolescence all tech companies do it. They want to phase out old tech for new. Silicone dust is going to do that once their atsc 3 take hold. Apple does it. Google does it. Roku does it. Microsoft absolutely does it. So it’s really a wait it out and remain calm. I not only am an IT pro but did software development for a good portion of my career. There is nothing worse than having someone promise a certain feature and say it’ll be ready next week when in reality I’m the one developing the software and it’s 100% not feasible in that time frame. I’m in no way saying this product was ready for release but I understand get it out by the holidays. I’m frustrated just like all of you. I’m not going to say let’s return this just yet because this niche (yes currently niche) offers what other products don’t, recording FAST channels. Yeah you can do it with Emby and using Linux software. Plex doesn’t offer it yet. sling doesn’t offer it…I can record OTA just fine on Plex, I wanted this for FAST DVR and that doesn’t work properly, I’m just waiting.

I think all people are really asking for is a little communication, a little openness. Tablo is talking about features they plan to add in the future (out of house/network viewing, for example), when they haven’t given any sort of timeline on the things they’ve already said were coming.

I’m sure most of us could handle, “no, this isn’t going to work” … but silence is a whole other issue. They could be the ones explaining what’s keeping these other “coming soon” apps from happening, instead of users on their forums.

It’s not that the product isn’t valuable. It’s that most of these Tablos have a final return date of January 13th. Knowing what will be possible and when could keep many of it’s users from returning a perfectly viable product.

I bet even if Tablo came out and said, “We can’t get this done until June 8th”… people would find other ways to use their product. But a promise of “meh, sometime”… really isn’t cutting it.

I would like to encourage every Table user to try more than one app to access their 4th gens. Each app is different from one another (which is a whole separate issue) and because each function in their own way, have different bugs. Only by finding out which one works best for you and your needs will you know how well the product truly works for you … which is the most important aspect of this. One device will never cover all bases.

I had not seen that but read it No more complaints from me and I am keeping it.


I have plenty of other legacy and other tuners connected to plex. I also bought it for the FAST channels. The price was right, built in amplifer and no subsciption fees.

Some FAST channels segment recordings. But I can’t say how many do. I haven’t had time to try many of them. To much other holiday junk to watch. It does kind of remind me of the early days of OTT products when their distribution servers couldn’t handle the load.

Reminds me of the old beta days for the Legacy. One weekend it was useless but Zip knew the t it sk a MN d signed up f or r beta, just as I just did for AppleTV app. Hopefully tomorrow or at least this week

It will get better…I’ve only tried recording History Time to be honest but will try a few more. I had my kids watching Love Nature last night will try that channel. There are a lot of shows I would record on Alien Nation but the guide is not right currently.

What confuses me about FAST is I can watch one of those split/fail channels for hours on end without an issue, but if I record it, they fail/split. I’ve even watched the channel on one Tablo and recorded on the other, and the recording still split!

The 2-tuner was only $80 and the shipping was free and no sales tax. I would love to get out of costco for $80.

Sadly, I paid the full $99 @ BB for my first one! Was too late to get a price match, but at least the second one was still able. Tablo still advertises it for $99, though… so it might’ve just been for the holidays.

(Guess that’s another reason to not return it. Get your $80 back and THEN pay $100!)

I wanted the ,4 tuner so did not buy 2 tuner. I knew a BB tuner is needed for thumbnails.

I wish I’d known about the 4-tuner when I bought both of mine. It’s okay, though. I’ve still got a couple days left with the second one, and I’ll soon see about the 4-tuner. Some didn’t have much luck with their 2-tuners, but said the 4-tuner seemed to have a better feel to them. I hate to give up on a good product, but I certainly don’t need three Tablos in my apartment!

That’s funny because I bought it new not used and not experimental. Don’t recall reading in all there millions of $$ ads that “oh yeah by the way we are selling you a product we have not even thoroughly tested ourselves” notice here Roku is not listed as “coming soon”.

I’m not having any trouble with my 3 roku’s or my gen 1 firetv stick 4K. Maybe I’m special.

happy for you!

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