Tablo support for USB 3.x drives

From what I read, Tablo’s requires external hard drives with USB 2 (or USB 3 w/backwards compatibility). As we all know, USB 2 drives are much slower than USB 3. So, I would very much like to see for Tablo to enhance their DVR box, so that it will support USB 3. Of course, in order to keep current Tablo users happy, the USB 3 port should be backwards compatible.

Else, add a USB 3 port (in addition to the current USB 2) so that everyone is happy.

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If USB 2.0 is fast enough for the Tablo to read/write to the drive what is the benefit to 3.0?

There really isn’t any. 2.0 is more than adequate which is why we chose it in the first place.

I find that it chokes a bit when I’m recording 3 things at the same time and watching a fourth. Tried switching to a 7200rpm drive with more cache, same deal. I’m assuming USB 2.0 is the problem since it’s better if I turn down the quality settings (but I don’t want to permanently do that)

You might want to try a USB 3 drive. The drive will perform a little better even when connected to USB 2 — use your favorite search engine to verify this.

Also, contrary to what you read here, USB 3 is more than just about throughput. If Tablo were using USB 3, we might not have as many reports of Tablo losing the connection to its drive. USB 3 has better error management. It’s also full duplex, doesn’t have to poll, has better power management and more. It might be good to search yourself for the differences.

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I’m aware of how USB 3 is better, you don’t have to convince me. I’d have gladly paid more for a USB 3 version of the tablo if it were available. Esata would have been acceptable too.

I guess I could try a USB 3.0 controller with this drive. I have one lying around somewhere. I don’t know if it’ll make a big difference though since I have been able to max out the USB 2 bus using this drive on a PC. Unless USB3 controllers are better with non-sequential reads/writes.

While I agree, I would have been willing to pay a few $$s more to get at least one 3.0 port, I can’t say the same for other potential customers… I don’t believe USB 3 speeds are needed in this case and everyone I have spoken to about cord cutting already laugh at the price of going Tablo + Antenna + HDD…

I have to think, from a business case side, the savings of 2.0 plus the ability for the consumer to be able to save a few $$s by using a HDD they may already have or could get cheaper (2.0) seems to make sense and figure that difference has gained them a few more customers…

From a speed side, I cant see how we are coming anywhere close to the limits of 2.0. The other benefits above, such as power management, error correction and quicker / reduced polling are valid, but again, don’t think that’s enough to warrant the cost increase for the masses.

Tablo has a limit of 6 streams at one time. Even at max quality its limited to 10Mbps… So if you are watching 6 recorded shows AND recording 4 other shows, all at max quality, you are using only 100Mbps…

USB2.0 has a theoretical max of 480Mbps, with a real world around 320Mbps… Even if you doubled my above max estimates, you would still only be using 63% of the max of USB 2.0…

I could be wrong of course, but on paper, 2.0 should still be plenty.

Assuming your drive is up to snuff that is. But going USB 3.0 won’t solve that problem.

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In terms of maximum throughput, yes, USB2.0 is theoretically enough. But it’s not that simple. One big difference is that USB 2.0 is half duplex. Meaning you can only send or receive data in a given instance; can’t do both at the same time (which is a big deal on a DVR). USB 2.0 also chokes when dealing with large numbers of files; the throughput often drops significantly below the rated maximum (and with the way the Tablo stores files, you’re dealing with a bunch of small files for each recording).

At least the 4 tuner version which we pay a $80 premium for should have come with USB 3 ports. The margins would still be larger than the 2 tuner version.