Tablo stops playing recording

I was watching aa recording and all was working fine except a couple of commercials didn’t skip. Then Tablo said “optimizing Guide Data”. It was around 4:25 AM. WHY would that happen? Normally I don’t watch at that time, but with the recent time change I did. I hit the home button on Roku and connected to Tablo again. It resumed where I left off.

There are often request to adjust the guide update time… I guess now you understand why. As to why it needs to interrupt viewing, just another “just the way it works” I suppose.

Prior to updating, Tablo SHOULD look to see if it is being watched, either live or recording. If it is, then check again in a few hours.

Does guide updating interrupt recording too. Watching a recording does not use guide information, so why does it interrupt? I’ll give Tablo a call when they open.

Updating the guide data doesn’t stop the current streaming of an show. But the overnight maintenance is what you’re seeing.

For example if you go manually hit update the guide data now on one playback device, it shouldn’t stop the streaming on another playback device.

I called support. They might be looking at the overnight process again.