Tablo still controls what you can watch

With this latest issue of “Authentication Failed”, I am at a loss as to what value Tablo has over cable companies. If Their Data Center systems barf, We are stuck at home, not even able to view recordings. We are still dependent on the competency of Tablo System Admins, programmers, etc.
It appears the Tablo box, is no better than a passthru, and the real control, is at some remote computer room. GEEEZ!

I dare Tablo to defend this practice, when even the crappy support I got from the Cable company, is better then the vague 24-48hr response I get from Tablo.

With all these Gen4 box issues that would equal something of a mid Beta test process, it seems Execs pushed this product before it was ready.

In a nutshell, when the recommended recovery process is to, strip your configuration down all the way to removing the Tablo from the router lan, and then reboot the router, it does say someting about the design of things. This goes for the streaming devices as well.

When you cut the chord, be ready to assume the role of an in house IT Specialist, especially dealing with this box.


I do find that having zero access to my Tablo during this to be unacceptable. There is no reason that I shouldn’t be able use my machine because their servers are down!

Seeing today’s issue, I never want to hear them say it’s our internet or router speeds causing an issue. I now wonder if when my Settings page won’t load, or the Channels at the bottom pops up instantly and tells me to Refresh… it’s because it’s pulling this information from their servers and not my device.

IDK even know why we need our own recording devices. I can’t access my live TV without their servers running… this might as well be a cloud DVR service that charges per TB of storage.

With 128GB of internal storage, some of it should be put aside to allow access to our Tablos. Rewrite code so that when there is a power failure at Tablo Central, I can at least use my $100 device. If their servers are down, I don’t expect access to FAST stations… but I sure as hell expect access to what’s in the next room!


This is horrible news. One of the reasons I got this thing was to record some content should there be an extended power outage (ie grid down) so we could have something to maintain our sanity. Now you’re telling me that I can 't access what’s on my own device?

That’s just a brutal design flaw.

This could be a monetization strategy. Tablo can gather and sell the demographic data. Probably pays for the free guide.

Tablo is a joke, return it

If you have an extended power outage, how are you able to watch anything? Usually when your power is out, all internet goes out also unless you have a generator and the outage isn’t from power lines being taken out by falling trees, storms, …

Only kidding with you because initially, I thought about being able to do that because I’ve had outages that lasted 7-14+ days and I have a generator because of it. Usually in those real bad outages, that’s when my generator and antenna makes my home the favorite place for everyone to get their TV fix and devices charged.

I know Tablo has a content backup plan which I think is absolutely necessary and is something they do intend to do like the legacy Tablo can do and in that situation, I think you would have the ability to watch your content during those nasty outages.