Tablo starts to boot then dies off

My Tablo stopped responding earlier this week while traveling.

I plug it in, I get the blinking blue light boot sequence. It seems to boot, then the blue light simply fades to black. Is this a power cord issue?

Or did the device just die, anyone with any ideas?

I am not able to access the device on any iPads, Apple TV’s or firetvs og.

Get a $10 replacement power supply from Tablo and try it.

My power supply died a couple weeks ago, but in my case I would just get a solid blue light… tried a similarly specced spare supply, booted right up, … seems to be that “time” for many of us …

Looks like it’s working fine except for the blue light.

If it’s not working fine and you can connect to the Tablo, did you turn off your Tablo LED in the settings? See screenshot.

And that was the problem! How that got unchecked, I have no idea!!

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Lol does any one else not so tech savvy use your Tablo?

Originally most people probably didn’t care about the LEDs. It was this statement:

Yeah I had to reboot it in order to be able to connect again. That’s when I noticed the led was not on.