Tablo starts from beginning

When I play a recording and I pause it, It plays from the beginning…instead of picking up from where I paused it last. I tried rebooting and uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck.

You know someone is going to want to know which app and/or device you’re using… to pause, and have the misfortune of starting from the beginning.

Completed recording? or recording in process?

uninstall / reinstall like it was a windows system? has that actually work, long term?

I am using Firestick 4K the app is Tablo preview.
It does not happen on Tablo,only on Tablo preview.
Tablo at least asks… if I want to resume from last pause or start from beginning?
The Tablo preview just assumes I want to pick up where paused, it does that automatically.
So Tablo preview has the problem with resuming from last pause.
One more note with this problem…If I want to play a recording that has not stopped recording, it will play from where ever I start the recording instead of starting from the beginning of the recording.

Sounds like strange behavior.

While I don’t really care for the Fire TV stick, Amazon UI, or the Preview app(I prefer Roku), I did give it a try.

If you are in the recordings menu and position on the program tile and there is one recording(a movie) paused at 40 minutes and you hit the OK button you end up with a menu with options Watch Next and Watch. It appears that both of them start at the begining. And I have no idea which one should be resume.

Using the play button seems to resume.

I also noticed that the app goes into sleep mode rapidly when in a menu. So while I can see the Fire version I don’t see the last OS update date. So who knows

fixed the description a little.

I’m having the same problem. Did you find a fix??

A year later and I have the same problem (only been with Tablo 2 months). Apparently this is a software issue and they’re taking their good-ole-time fixing it. Certainly not impressed.

I’m on an Apple TV, both ATV and Tablo software are up-to-date.

You would have to explain if you are watching a recording of a broadcast classified as live and if you have the extend live option turned on and the actual recording is in the extended recording when you pause and if you mean pause and exit the player versus pause and resume.

No recording, I am watching live TV, so the settings don’t apply.

example: plan on watching Judge Judy, change to the channel at 3:55pm (show starts at 4pm, with a second one at 4:30pm). I pause the show at 4:17, at 4:19 I press Play, the play resumes at 3:55pm. As an addition, if instead I pause at 4:44 then when I hit Play it resumes at 3:55pm.

Just for clarity, when you say “change to the channel” do you mean in the Live TV guide you are clicking on the channel number on the far left of the guide?

I either click on the channel number or on the current show that’s next to the channel number, doesn’t matter which, they work the same.


one is selecting A show other is selecting channel beyond A show

But both ways are doing the same thing.

Thanks for clarifying, I figured when you said they work the same way you meant the issue you are encountering is the same regardless of which way you are watching, I just wanted to confirm it wasn’t only happening in one specific scenario.

I wish. It happens on every show, regardless of channel or length of show. Very annoying when I’m in the middle of a movie, pause it, only to return and be all the way back at the beginning, or to the prior show. The one thing in common seems to be that it restarts wherever it was that I started watching the channel.