Tablo & SSDs - TRIM Support?

@TabloTV - does Tablo support TRIM for SSDs?

An SSD read and write speeds are so fast that it is such an overkill for the Tablo, so even if TRIM support speeds up the drive it would not matter.

So an SSD with TRIM turned off would be fast enough for the Tablo and all its uses. As well, almost all new SSDs have their own garbage collection methods so TRIM support by an OS is not required anymore.

Also wondering about this…TRIM support is for wear-leveling, not speed. Without TRIM support, parts of an SSD can be over-used and die an early death. So the question of whether the Tablo supports TRIM usage is a good one.

Hope to get a good answer :-).

This was a question above my pay grade so I went straight to our expert on this… He says:

We do not support TRIM directly. We access all external drives via the SCSI layer using EXT4, but do NOT mount with the discard option. This is generally not advised and can cause data corruption on many older SSD models. The use of TRIM is a fine tuning optimization for a very specific hardware setup. Internal disk controllers on newer SSDs should be handling wear leveling adequately.