Tablo slow to load up

Hi all… my tablo takes awhile to load up. Does anyone else have the same problem? Thanks

Reboot your router. Reboot your Tablo. Reboot your playback device.

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I’m not sure what app you are talking about. Or what “takes awhile” means - 5 seconds, one minute, one hour.

Or what “load up” means. Load up the Live TV grid, recordings menu, scheduled menu, TV shows menu, ?

Or even if this is a recent happening or has been going on forever.

Any solution to this?
Mine takes forever (5 min or more) to come up to the menu. Tablo app on fire stick. Used to be much faster and then just got super slow.
Dual lite DVR with 2TB WD drive attached that is about half full. Clients are Firestick Cube and 4K firesticks

Are you talking about coming up to the main menu or the live tv grid.

How many channels and is the 14 day grid on.

And did it get super slow after the latest app update - which seems to have happened around the time of the HDMI release?

Is it slow when using the web app as well?

My ancient 4200 Roku 3 with 24 hour grid and 24 channels isn’t slow?

These are powerful Fire TV devices. Delete the Tablo app from the Fire TV, reboot the Fire TV, and install the Tablo app again (the regular Tablo app, not the Preview version).

Uninstall reboot reinstall didn’t work. It wouldn’t even let me connect at all.
Force stop, clear data, clear cache, uninstall, reboot firetv, reboot tablo reinstall app did work.
Thanks for the advice.