Tablo Server Outage - January 11, 2024 [RESOLVED]

It will display relevant error codes. For example, earlier you would have seen 502 or 504 errors which are server-based.

Not resolved. After reinstalling the app, getting stuck in downloading schedule. Tried two different devices.

Hi Leo, please try rebooting your Tablo (by tapping the blue reset button on the bottom of the unit).

Wait 2-3 minutes and then try closing and reopening the Tablo App you were experiencing issues with.

If you still have issues, please wait an hour or so before trying again.

Okay. Good to know this for the future. Thank you.

So does this mean if our internet is down we can’t watch antenna provided shows using the TABLO 4th Gen?

In the past when I have had power outages and electric and internet were out I could still watch over the air TV.


It appears that you need to have an active internet connection to Tablotv systems, to do anything. Security, guide info, FAST recording, all need to talk to Tablo servers. If this goes out, my solution is to unplug antenna coax from Tablo box, and insert it into my TV, which sits right next to Tablo. Sad statement, since most people dont have the antenna flexiblity to get off of the Tablo box.


Or use a powered or non powered splitter now to have a coax from antenna to TV. That is what I will probably do.

I’ve still got a backup PVR in my living room, just had to fish out an extra coax and set up pass-through. Very big pain and only solves one TV’s issue (I’ll never get reception on the other ones!) It’s sad when the whole purpose of this product is to watch from one antenna anywhere

Still think that some simple code should be written onto the Tablo device to allow access – it’s completely understandable that we would likely lose access to FAST, but our local recordings and OTA should be guaranteed.

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Does this mean that if the Tablo back end is offline, I cannot access the locally stored recordings on the 4th gen Tablo?

Does this also mean that if I lose internet connectivity, then I cannot watch locally stored recordings on the 4th gen Tablo?

Yes to both, but for different reasons.

Apparently, the 4th gen needs to call home in order to functional at all. We users discovered this last week when their servers were down.

As for your home internet, this is something that cannot be changed. You need a network connection to access the Tablo, period. Even if your internet went out but your WiFi or router was still with power, it wouldn’t work.

It would be possible to switch your network connection to a mobile hotspot to make the system work if your internet went out, but it’s a bit complicated – there is no simple button to switch networks on the Tablo. So, if their servers were still running, this could be a temporary solution.

Yes, it’s very frustrating.

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Very frustrating is an understatement. I missed that conversation and had no idea of this limitation. So my plan to use Tablo instead of splitting coax to multiple TVs isn’t really an option. I’d still need to split them even with Tablo. Hmm…

I would definitely recommend a backup if you want to watch live television during an outage. I just switched to some streaming I wanted to clear up.

I really hope they fix this.

For legacy gateway devices there are forum threads with a large number of posts on this topic.

If the internet goes down you better make sure you have a DHCP server that stays up. And then for legacy I only know of Roku and firetv stick apps that use to work.

gen 4 - who knows.

The Tablos don’t seem to be tied down with a static IP. Although it takes a few minutes of tricking them into a network loss. Then you can change routers… it works but it’s annoying. (And it’s better than a factory reset!)

Here’s to cutting the cord! And then splitting the cord. And then adding 2 more cords so that one cord bypasses the other cord as a backup.

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My DHCP server is tied to the ISP router. When the internet goes down so does the DHCP server. Without the DHCP server your STB’s don’t have IP addresses.

One reason I got the HDMI Tablo was in case of an Internet outage. It’s still fully functional to the TV it’s connected to. I don’t have to worry about a streaming device stalling out because it needs Internet to function.

Just wait until they have gen 4 HDMI model with FAST channels.

Wow! Yet another reason to stick with my 1st gen. and 2nd gen. units.

I don’t know who, but someone, should make an unofficial list of all the differences in features between the 2nd and 4th gen. Tablo DVRs, since there doesn’t seem to be an official one.

If you wanted a gen 4 2-tuner and to also use the fash memory. Good bye to recording those 5 sunday NFL games.

It takes approximately twice the length of the airing to complete the archiving process.

NOTE - To allow the archiving process sufficient time to function, it is not possible to record more than 8 hours of content within a 24-hour time frame without an external hard drive.