Tablo sells antennas?

I was sure I’d seen somewhere that Tablo now sells antennas. I’m using a recommended model of Terk amplified antenna and getting a few channels, but not the 32 my area is supposed to get. If Tablo is selling antennas, where is the URL for this info? Can we return them if they work no better than our present antennas?

Our antennas can be found on our webstore:

They have the same 30 day return policy as our DVRs.

However, if you’re not getting the channels you should be with your current antenna, I’d do some research before jumping in and trying a different one.

Check out this series of blog posts:

Some of the factors outlined in the blogs may be the reason why you’re not receiving the channels you think you should.

Here’s a pretty good page with some testing info on various indoor antennas

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There are a lot of factors that can influence how well an antenna works. How far you are from your local broadcasting towers, where the Antenna is placed, if it is amplifed and even if you live in an apartment or house.

I am fairly close to my local stations and can use a 25 mile range in door antenna. I have tested several different antennas and found the best one to be a GE Ultra Edge Series (11264) Indoor Antenna.

I was able to get about 60 OTA channels including the notoriously difficult to receive VHF channel 2 which is CBS. I tried the Mohu Leaf Metro, a few other GE anteannas and an RCA from Best buy. The GE was $10 at Big Lots and works so good, I bought 2 just to have a spare.

I found that if I set that antenna up and then do a channel scan, I can get channel 2, unplug the antenna and plug in whatever antenna you want to use, and you’ll be good, just don’t do a new channel scan.

I also found that having an amplifier on my antenna caused problems and I couldn’t get good reception.

Hope this helps. If there is no Big Lots by you, you can get it for more money on Amazon.

Just wanted to add and also that some people have actually gotten worse results with an amplified antenna than non. Initially I was of the thought why would you ever not spend the extra 10-20$ but studies have been done and for those that are in a city with a lot of channels you may have an amplifier that gives some channels to many decibels and can cause them to be to strong for your tuner. (My explanation may have been off but for those that live in a city that is a potential issue.

I suggest Winegard FL5500A which is designed for both UHF and VHF. Location is key. I have it in my bedroom window because that is where I get the most stations. See what is your zip code?

The antenna farm for Austin is south and I’m North. If you live across the street from the antenna farm, then no amplified antenna.