Tablo seems to be failing {multiple issues}


Nice try at deflecting! Less hidden sarcasm and some actual intellectual assistance would be beneficial.

.SD Homerun had two units fail and even when they ran, would freeze then restart with the video/audio out of sync. Occurred on both the NVIDIA Shield and Raspberry Pi.

The NextPVR and TVheadend experienced pixilations and frequent and random ending of programs prior to their run time. MythTV could never reliably retrieve the programming guide.

So hot shot how do you explain the FACT Tablo worked perfectly for months and now after some sort of server “update” I and numerous others are experiencing a problem.

Go troll elsewhere. Zip it Zippy.


I did exactly what you described yesterday and today it still failed to record all but a couple of shows which I hand manually scheduled because I did not want the entire show time to record.

As of this time, I no longer see the orange indicator in the upper right hand corner of any show which is to be recorded and sure enough, they don’t record but are displayed in the “Scheduled” menu.


Screen shot of laptop showing Guide population failure.

Screen shot from laptop showing “Scheduled” shows which are NOT recording.

So Zippy, guess it is NOT me.


Sounds like you have a more complicated situation then the one most of us have encountered. Have you submitted a ticket to support? Seems like they need to take a look.


Guess I’ll have to go that route Nilex.


I guess some people don’t understand the definition of the word surmise and how it sometimes can be used to deduce what a problem is without having any direct evidence. Especially when the problem: “it is behaving like all those other failed systems”

But that is not at all surprising on this forum.


Sorry for the delay on replying to this thread - busy times. I’ve just caught up with the team and we’ve given over your ticket and the post history here. You should receive a note from us shortly on next steps. We’ll get to the bottom of this and get things running smoothly.


They probably clicked on the the Z in then green circle, the activity - if they had a background in analysis they’d know how many post are actually on topic (sure everyone like to have a little fun), then if any have constructive content.


I spent 25+ years as Corporate Director of Engineering for the world’s largest printing firm traveling world wide to resolve issues others could not. I am familiar with analyzing problems that often times “Can never happen”


Created a ticket, got a fairly quick response from Tablo requesting I place my unit in the Remote Access mode.

They responded an hour or so later that it had been fixed.

NOT SO! There is no way I can create any Recording, manual scheduled or from the guide, or the tiles of listed TV Shows.

The only thing which is better is now my laptop is the only device which will not display the full Program Guide {only 5% at best are populated with information}

Now it seems Tablo is ignoring my e-mails. It is now over a week of lost recordings. The only thing the Tablo now does is deliver live programming.

This is just OTA !%T#&#& TV, what so difficult?


Just to close out this thread, we managed to connect with @Wurlitzer28 and get things up and running.