Tablo Schedule Recordings Menu Crashes on Roku

I have 4 Roku boxes and when I goto Schedule, it will start loading and then exit the Tablo app and bring me back to the main Roku screen. This is happening on all 4 Roku boxes even after a power cycle of both Tablo and Roku. However the WebApp works just fine. Seems like a Tablo issue. It would be better to fail more gracefully, like display the schedule page with an error message, but to exit back to the Roku main screen seems like an unhandled exception that causes the Tablo app to crash.

Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions? Tablo team, can you look into this fail graceful as a feature request?

You mean when you go to “Scheduled” right? You schedule new recording going to the Guide and selecting what you want to record.

What version of the Roku app? Mine says 2.1 build 34. With that said, I know the new Roku firmware, 7.5 build 4099 was pulled for some of the newer Roku’s. But I have a Roku 3, and it works fine there.

Yes, at the main Table screen, I select the “Schedule” Menu option.

Roku 4 (4630X - Roku Premier +) Software Version 7.2.2 Build 7146-29
Tablo App Version (2.1 Build 34) as well.
Tablo Firmware Version (2.2.12)

As you can see, they rolled your Roku firmware back to 7.2.2. Not sure if that is the difference or not. I only know that Roku is working on a proper update for the newer Roku devices.

It must be a problem with the Roku 4 or the Roku 7.2.2, mate. I have no problems at all on either my Roku3 or my new Roku stick,both running Roku 7.5 and my Tablo4 is 2.2.12

Getting a new Roku OS version is not always automatic. Sometimes you have to use the setting page and force a check for a new version. When Roku comes out with a major OS release where they want to ensure that there is no negative impact they phase the installations.

Sometimes devices just seem to fall off the list for updates. I waited over one month for my 4200 and two months for my 4210 to be updated. even though both Rokus checked for an update ever day, none was applied.

I finally got tired of waiting and forced a update check. It was only then that the update was applied.

This is a rollback from Roku. Many of the new 4K devices were upgrade to 7.5 and Roku rolled them all back to 7.2.2.

My Premium+ was updated to 7.5.1 maybe around 2 weeks ago. I don’t think it got rolled back. But I disconnected it and put it back in the box. Decided to use the older devices until my relatives have their setup ready for my hand-me-downs.

Just checked on my Roku and did a system updated. It states that my software is up to date at : 7.2.2.

Can confirm this happens on my Roku 4; 7.5 firmware with 2.1 build 34 channel, 2.2.10 firmware rolled back from 2.2.12 on the Tablo 4 tuner. Go to the scheduled recordings tab…coming soon highlighted and the whole app crashes out. I did not notice this behavior until the firmware of my Tablo was downgraded to 2.2.10 today for other issues. I can’t watch any recordings that happened while my Tablo was at 2.2.12 and the Scheduled recording tab crashes the app out. If i had to suspect it’s some form of database issue, but without being able to pull logs from the system or the applications anywhere (THIS REALLY NEEDS TO BE A FEATURE) we’re at the liberty of Tablo Support to ever get back to us.

Just to add complexity here. This issue went away when I re-updated back to 2.2.12. It sounds like database inconsistencies are indeed the issue. But logs should be able to tell this immediately. Would be nice if the actual TabloSupport folks would get back to you.

I am at 2.2.12 and I still have the issue so that FW version does not solve my issue. Thanks for your data and I hope Tablo does chime in / provide a fix.

Just wanted to add there were some additional inconsistencies that I fixed that may have contributed to this working again. I have been having problems with channel scans/adds, etc. crashing out the box and wrecking my guide data. After the latest reboot when it froze when I attempted this, and subsequent guide data refresh, from the web application UI, I noticed that scheduled recordings showed multiple listings for the same show and the ones set to record had zero metadata associated as if it were corrupted data. I went through each schedule, and moved the upcoming recordings to the show listings that were duplicates but DID contain the metadata at the same time I upgraded before attempting to go to the menu on my Roku app.

Check your web UI data to see if you have something similar with setup recordings on corrupted guide entries?

@jgsandri Are you still experiencing the same crash? If so, have you sent us a ticket? If not, definitely send one over to our team and we can take a look ASAP.

I have submitted many tickets, but I have no clue if this is one of them. How can I look at all my tickets and the state of each one? The ticket system is not very robust and the message board seems to work better. So some issue I submitted tickets for and others just the message board.

Please provide a list of tickets I have submitted or a way that I can check myself. I can then follow up on the ticket about the crash or submit a new one.

Yes, the issue still exists.