Tablo says there's space but shows complain there's none

I’ve notice some shows to fail to record because they claim there’s not enough space left. In the tablo settings it says I have almost 1 TB (out of the 2 TB total) still available. Seems like either Tablo Settings isn’t actually reporting the amount of space available, or Tablo isn’t able to take full advantage of the size of the hard drive I’m using.

In a related topic, I have the auto-delete box checked and there were shows that should have been deleted to allow for new shows to be recorded but I still had to go in and manually delete the shows that I had watched.

Reboot (aka power cycle) your Tablo.

With 1 TB left on a 2 TB drive, the auto delete feature will not delete your recordings. Auto delete only kicks in when there is less than 10% or 5% of the total drive space remaining (I don’t know the exact percentage, but it’s definitely not 50% in your case). Ok it’s not a percentage, it’s just a fixed amount of GB based on your recording quality setting. But still it’s only a few GB.

Hrm… That is a bit weird. It might be worth touching base with support and have them take a look at your hard drive.

Are you experiencing any other drive-related symptoms like failed recordings or buffering where you previously experienced none?

Just to follow up on this post, I ended up just replacing the external hard drive. The old drive was traditional spinning disk and the price of SSD drives have decreased so much that I was easier to buy an upgrade replacement and so far that seems to have fixed the issue. Noticeable app performance as well as all my content loads up much faster.