Tablo Roku Preview channel nothing works except Live TV

I have a Roku 4, latest 7.0 firmware and Tablo 4-tuner with 2.2.6 update. Just added the new Tablo Preview channel tonight and nothing works except the Live TV option, which is a much nicer interface than the old Tablo channel. But recordings, scheduled, guide, options just hang with a spinning circle. I waited at least 20 min, and still nothing showed up in those options. Is this known issue?

I have the same setup and watch recordings too. Is your Tablo connected using WiFi or wired? If WiFi, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network? What router do you have? Click on my picture to see my setup.

@beastman - No, all my stuff is connected direct wire ethernet, no wifi in between.

Try WiFi on one and see if it fixes the problem.

just to update on this issue… it may not have been a Tablo or Tablo Roku preview channel issue at all. The last few days, my brand new Roku4 had been occasionally acting up, would suddenly show a screen full of lines or what looked like the old snow blizzard effect when you got a bad analog signal. I would just reboot it and it seem to come back. Well, yesterday, it did that again and would not boot up anymore. yes, my brand new 4-day old Roku4 completely died on me. Thankfully, I contacted Amazon and got a brand new unit delivered today (Sunday) to replace it.

what’s interesting, and relevant to this thread is that with the brand new replacement Roku4, the Tablo Roku Preview channel works perfectly! Everything works… and it’s fast. So, it may be the case that something was just wrong with my original Roku4.

bottom line: issue no longer exists.

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@philsoft - i’m starting to get the feeling that this entire industry (TV/entertainment related appliances) has a lot of QC issues.

Lesson learned - don’t be among the first to buy a new product. Wait and let some other people have the fun of debugging it. Though I did order a new one, directly from Roku, thinking the ones going to retail would be shipped first. Mine might have a higher serial number.

Interesting. My Roku 4 just froze up while watching NetFlix. Had to remove power to get it to boot back up. I need to watch it closely before my 2 week return period at Best Buy is used up.