Tablo roku freezes during playback

Having to unplug power every day to fix, it freezes during playback on tablo 4-tuner unit.

This has been happening to me a lot lately. I put in a help desk ticket and they said I have low signal channels that are locking it up. This is a new development for me. It has always handled low signal channels well in the past.

Yes… I have heard that too from my research online… If we were watching live that is one thing… but to say it is poor signal on a recorded show doesn’t make sense. It handled it well also for me, when I was using my old Fire Stick.

I am not sure it is an issue with the client but the tablo itself. I thin it has to do with receiving and interpreting the bad signals. It sounds like the errors lock up the box.

Not defending the issue, I do think the Tablo should handle bad signals better but do want to point out, just because your level of bad signals didn’t lock it up in the past, doesn’t mean its the same today.

Weather, time of year (seasons) and external contributing interference change reception a lot throughout the year.

True. It could be failing in general. It seems to have started after the last update though.