Tablo... Roku... Curiosity

I have no issues, just curious where my 3 wireless Rokus are getting their Tablo signals from. I have my indoor flat antenna to Tablo wired to access point router in a separate detached room. Access point is wired to my main house router, 2.4ghz and 5 ghz channels on same ssid.

Main TV is Roku Ultra connected to 5ghz network. I assume it’s getting its data from my main router close by.

The TV in detached room has Roku Stick connected to 2.4 hz channel from access point. Both routers and both channels same ssid.

How does the Tablo know what it’s connecting to? Just amazing that this thing actually works on both TVs at once. Any speed help (changing channels) moving the Roku Stick by the Tablo to the 5ghz network? I’m not sure if that router is set up to output 5ghz, just wondering if it’s worth checking (Linksys wrt54g).

There are a number of apps for your phone or computer that will tell you the ip addresses for everything hooked up to your network. I use Fing to keep track of the 50+ devices on my network. And I use Speedtest to check my internet speed. (A little knowledge will take care of most curiosity)

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Networking. It’s the same as computers communicating over a local net work via your router (as these are basically specialized computers). Wireless connect via WAP, wireless access point integrated into wireless router. Internet gateway mode allows everything to communicate beyond it’s local connections.

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Thanks, that Fing app is great!