Tablo Roku App hangs during Playback

I use the Roku Tablo app, along with Harmony, to allow use of a single Harmony remote for all functions. I see that the app hangs at playback, only during comm skip-and only for certain recorded network channels. The problem does not exist when I use the Tablo remote and not the Ruku app. I have a Tablo Dual HDMI.

Has anyone seen this issue? It’s not mission critical, as I can go back, then resume playback until the next comm skip, or, alternatively, use the Table remote along with the Harmony remote (to control volume, etc.)

@manicbiker So you’re streaming playback from your Tablo HDMI to a Roku and using a Harmony remote to control it.

Are you using a Roku enabled Smart TV or a separate Roku streaming device?

And when playback gets to a highlighted commercial section, are you pressing the remote or are you just letting the skip happen? And if you’re just letting the skip happen, what exactly happens?

Correct. I am using a Roku enabled smart TV. When playback gets to the commercial section, I am letting the skip happen, as I do for other content without problem. I get the “circle of death” display, indefinitely, until I go back, then resume. The "options " command is displayed on the screen bottom, but frozen.

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