Tablo Roku App (4th Gen) Update (v. 0.8.500)

My Roku also does this. Streaming stick 4k 3820x and I am in central time zone. It use to work flawlessly until about the time of the Roku update. It acts just like the conditions described above.

Having issues where I’m returned to the Roku’s Home Screen.

Twice while switching to the Live Grid, it kicked me out. Just now I was navigating to the Library tab – got to TV Shows and before it loaded it threw me to the Roku’s main.

[Express 4k+ (3941RW)]

I suddenly am not able to access my Library at all. Every time I scroll to that tab and click on a subcategory, I get the blue screen with spinning white circle, and after a few seconds I crash to the Roku’s Home Screen. Rebooted and cache-clear rebooted, same results.

Captions are turned off from the settings menu.

(Tablos and Roku on 5g wireless)

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I have no problems with Firestick/ Tablo 4th gen…maybe a 2 second buffer every 2 or 3 days…

Which model firestick do you have and do you have an external drive?

I’ve been testing all morning with the 8.500 update and so far, so good. It took a few crashes before the “disable cc” box came up, but once it did and I clicked on YES, my channels have been crash free. My Roku model is 7809X and I often couldn’t go more than 5 minutes without a return to the Roku guide or even a complete exit from the app. But today – all systems go. No crashes in more than 4 hours of testing. Tablo…I think you did it! At least for my set-up. THANK YOU!!! And Happy Valentine’s Day!


How many crashes and what kind did you have before the CC option came up? Maybe I shouldn’t have disabled it through the system settings … but I was desperate to get into my recordings (still no luck, but I’ll try again in a few hours.)

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I had 4 crashes before the “disable cc” option box came up for me. After the third, I was losing hope, but I stayed the course and suddenly after crash four it appeared. All four crashes got me back to the Tablo guide within the app. Once I disabled the cc via the pop-up box…no crashes – and I have no issues accessing my recordings. All good. For my 7809X Roku this seems like a robust and reliable fix. But the day is young. If my issues return I will report back.

It seems all the focus has been on live TV and that’s fine. For nearly 9 years now we don’t use Tablo to watch live TV. We only watch recordings. And it’s still frustrating to use with Roku. We gave up again and went back to the FireTV 4k max where it works fine.

When you get done with watching a recording it will not let us delete them about every 2nd or 3rd recording. We have to exit Tablo (the App) then go back in to get them to delete. My wife records all kinds of judge shows during the day then watches them in the early evening. It records duplicates so we could have 10 recordings to go through only watching 3 or 4. Also sometimes it will not show recordings in “Latest” until you go down to “All Recordings” (shows them there) then back up to “Latest” and magically they are there now. And now today under “Library” we are getting the spinning circle under every category. Everything is blank. We exit the Tablo App and go back in and then it’s all there.

So there’s a few things to fix for recordings as well.

My live TV crash issues are resolved. Thank you. I’ll be keeping the Tablo.


We have a Philips TV with built in Tablo. It does not offer this menu option:


Phillips Roku TV?

With a built in Tablo?

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It is a Philips Smart TV with built in Roku and uses a Tablo App

I have the same model… If you press the * on the Tablo app, goto update APP, that will push it out.

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Tablo app says its already up to date
I have found many Tablo issues. I am an engineer. Any change I can be a beta tester to help get rid of the bugs?

I was still having a ton of issues but the following took care of it after the 0.8.500 update:

  1. Force cache clear/reboot (Home x5, Up, Rewind x2, FastForward x2)
  2. Uninstall, Reboot, Reinstall.

I was unable to get into my library until following both of these, each of them separately did nothing.

If you were able to check for updates from the * menu on the app, it should have pushed out other updates as well… so it sounds like everything’s at least up to date…

What kind of problems are you experiencing?


If you really want to help get rid of the bugs you need to do more than be a beta tester. Volunteer to fix the bugs for free and put your engineer skill set to more use!

How about you open your own thread and post on your findings. Maybe we all can pitch on help sort this thing out. Or we can help confirm the bugs.

I think that would be the best way for Tablo to see it.

@Lenlabnj , being an engineer is a very broad term… I’m an engineer too, but specialize in networking and wireless.

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Good idea… that way this thread doesn’t get overloaded with other users trying to help him out!

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Very happy with this update. Several hours of use without seeing the problems with transitions between screens/states that I was seeing. Thanks, as a result of this update, Roku has gone on my stable Tablo streaming box list. Actually doing better than the Chromecast 4K so far.

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Yes I know it is a broad term and many people use the term for software engineers/programmers and or quality assurance engineers these days! But many people who are engineers and even those who are not are interested in technical stuff and if they don’t know a programming language or skill set will learn it.

I’m a software, quality assurance, PC Hardware and database engineer by past work experience but those skills are not going help me to fix the TABLO firmware and software which are probably in a language I never learned and used and …at my advanced age there is no point in me trying.