Tablo, Roku, and Sling. How to record NBCSN?


I am trying to figure out how Tablo might record sports from NBCSN that I get from Sling via my Roku 4. I am not very technical so can someone explain it to me? …I don’t understand how the Roku gets wired to the Tablo.

I am not a Tablo customer (yet). I am trying to figure out how to get rid of XFinity. The remaining thing holding me back is the ability to record soccer (Premier League) on NBC Sports Network (NBC SN). Currently I simply record using the DVR from Xfinity.

I have…

  1. An OTA antenna giving me local TV (working)
  2. A Roku4 giving me streaming (working via ethernet)
  3. Sling TV Blue package giving me NBCSN that I watch via the Roku 4
  4. A 1080p TV
  5. Internet, Wifi and Ethernet (prefer to use the ethernet since it will be faster)

Can anyone explain whether I can use Tablo as a DVR to schedule recordings of NBCSN that I get via Sling/Roku?

Thanks for helping a noob!

Tablo will only record over the air television.

Sling is working on a Cloud type DVR. It’s currently in beta.

Switch to PS Vue instead of Sling. NBCSN is included in their base tier. PS Vue has cloud DVR capability, which Sling does not.

If you are not able to handle it the way we’re not allowed to talk about here, I will mention that SlngTV is working on “something”.

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the kind replies. I have signed up for PS Vue to give it a try!

Happy Holidays!