Tablo Ripper won't Start


Win 10 64GB
Ripper v 2.4.1


I haven’t used the Tablo Ripper for awhile.

Tried to Open it today, Just spins, “not responding”.
I can’t click on anything, Window to change the IP Address, log file etc.

My default Tablo IP Address has changed since I last opened the Ripper, think this might be the problem.
I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the ripper, but it remembers the old/incorrect IP address.

Is there a ini file or something similar that I need to delete, so the ripper starts fresh looking for my tablos?



It will time out if you’re patient. But if you’d like a fresh start, the data is stored under a hidden Windows directory named “c://ProgramData”. Delete the TabloRipper folder you find there and you’ll have a fresh start.


I deleted the folder.

All OK

Thanks for the prompt response.


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