Tablo ripper "new" recordings


overall, great little tool; I point ripper to shared drive on my NAS which is picked up by plex. nice. thank-you to the developer.

possible silly /pilot error question here but the background behind my question is a behavior I wasn’t expecting: when “new” shows appear in the list (left-hand pane) I can hit the “start” button (in the foreground) and TR processes the stuff in the list. The funny part is that three shows persist in the “new” list (the list doesn’t completely clear after ripping). I can rip those over and over but they don’t clear from the list.

I even moved them over to the right pane and hit the “start” (foreground) button, and TR dutifully appears to rip them again (it goes through the motions). BUT – those three shows are not actually copied to my share drive; they are already there with an older timestamp.

my next move is to delete them from the destination drive and see if they appear with new timestamps. What else should I consider?

update: by deleting three of the offending recordings from the destination, this resolved the problem for two of the three shows, but there is still one show in the list that is a phantom. no ripping takes place when I hit the start button. it appears that I can correct this problem – by right clicking on the offending show I see two menu options that I don’t understand. what is the difference between “Delete” (from what?) and “Mark as not new” ?