Tablo Ripper FFMPEG time out

I am attempting to rip from my quad Tablo. Getting Unexpected Exception Aborted:FFMPEG timed out!.

This just started happening. Have gone months ripping with no issues.

Am I missing something?

Have you enabled logging to see exactly what is happening? Does this happen on every recording you are attempting to rip or just one particular recording? Are you ripping recordings in the background or are you picking and choosing particular recordings to rip in the foreground? Is your Tablo connected via ethernet or wifi? Have you made any recent changes to your computer, including installing new software and/or windows system updates? Is it possible that your version of ffmpeg has recently changed?

Confirm you’ve got the latest Version 2.4.3 released this past July

I don’t use Tablo Ripper, but still have “time out” issues even using tablo’s web app and other 3rd part app since the alleged TSL/SSL certificate or related issues. A spinner shows at the top, reconnecting …counting.

ffmpeg returns 503, re-run and it works without issue. Causes great instability.

I do have the latest 2.4.3

happens on every recording. I am picking an choosing which record to rip. Using ethernet. Current version of Ripper

Maybe @CycleJ can help. By my mentioning him here, he should be notified that someone is looking for help. Otherwise, the best way to get his attention is by posting your questions under the original Tablo Ripper thread which he does monitor.

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Sounds a lot like this thread:

I’d offer the same advice you’ll find there.