Tablo Ripper error: stopped listing recordings

This has been working great for me up to yesterday.
I can access my Tablo from the tablo app, set recordings, etc. and Tablo Ripper worked as well up to yesterday.
For some reason it finds my Tablo but it cannot get a list of recordings.
This is with version 2.4.3
The logs show this:

4/2/2021 10:41:37 AM InitClient
4/2/2021 10:41:37 AM Config: C:\ProgramData\TabloRipper
4/2/2021 10:41:38 AM GetTabloList
4/2/2021 10:41:38 AM InvokeApi
4/2/2021 10:41:38 AM Exception: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM GetRecordingList_Selected
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM GetTabloList
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM InvokeApi
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM JSON: {“success”: true, “cpes”: [{“serverid”: “SID_5087B800E6EC”, “host”: “tablo-dual”, “name”: “Tablo @ RLW”, “board”: “dual”, “server_version”: “2.2.34rc2108110”, “public_ip”: “”, “private_ip”: “”, “http”: null, “ssl”: null, “slip”: null, “roku”: null, “last_seen”: “2021-04-02 14:25:17.460435+00:00”, “modified”: “2021-04-02 14:25:17.462618+00:00”, “inserted”: “2017-09-20 21:29:34.471664+00:00”}]}
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM IsTabloListLoaded=True
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM 1 device(s) found.
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM Valid Tablo @ RLW(
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM Matched Tablo @ RLW(
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM cbxTablo_SelectedIndexChanged
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM GetTabloRecordingList
4/2/2021 10:41:40 AM InvokeApi
4/2/2021 10:41:42 AM Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server
4/2/2021 10:41:47 AM Running as user: notepad.exe C:\ProgramData\TabloRipper\TabloRipper.log in C:\Program Files\TabloRipper\

Any way to fix this?

If you will post this under the original Tablo Ripper thread, the program designer will get a notification and may be able to help you.


will do it

Had same issue. My router went wonkey. Would work if I used wireless, but not wired. Maybe try a router reset and see what happens.