Tablo Ripper and Corrupted Hard Drive

I am planning to use Tablo Ripper to move programs to a USB drive for use while traveling in my motorhome. It appears that if you are using TR in the background and the computer is shut down (or put to sleep), the Tablo hard drive can become corrupt.

After setting up Tablo Ripper in this way, my Tablo becoming very unstable, stopping in the middle of playback, crashing while playing live shows, etc. After reformatting the hard drive, the Tablo is again operating normally.

I found nothing about this in my searching and therefore, set up my computer to do precisely this. While this may be obvious to some, can anyone confirm that shutting down the computer that is running Tablo Ripper can/will corrupt the hard drive? If so, it seems to me there should be mention of this because with this possibility, I would STRONGLY suggest running the computer on a UPS or NOT running TR in the background so you can be SURE it is not accessing the hard drive before shutting down the computer.

Thanks for any comments or thoughts.


Sorry you’re having problems with your drive, but I can assure you that TabloRipper lacks the capability to corrupt your hard drive. And it does NOT affect the operation of your Tablo.

If it’s ripping a show in the background, the temporary output file may not be closed properly if you pull the plug instead of shutting down properly. But that’s the extent of the damage inflicted and will self-correct next time the program wakes up and starts ripping again.

As always, feel free to use any one of the many other options instead of TabloRipper.

PS - Since TabloRipper is a third party app, you’ll want to post support requests here where I’m more likely to notice.

Thanks for the reply. Guess that doesn’t explain my problem but does exonerate Tablo Ripper. Thanks!!


Although this is resolved, I don’t understand how’d you conclude this! Where did you find any info Tablo Ripper (or any exporting program) does anything but stream recordings from your tablo just as any other device/app you use to access it?

These 3rd party programs all appear to access your tablo via HTTP as virtually any device/app you use to watch shows – how would you conclude there’s a way to directly access a drive… to damage it?

Your comment is correct. That’s why I said “can anyone confirm that shutting down the computer that is running Tablo Ripper can/will corrupt the hard drive?”

It was explained that it could not be causing my issue.


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