Tablo reverts to home screen Roku SE

Have three Rokus, two 3s and 1 SE.
Tablo works fine on the 2 Roku 3s, but on the Roku SE, the tablo app, when selected, goes to a screen which sats TABLO for several minutes, and then reverts back to the home screen.
Have tried:
updating but says up to date.
both restartind, and updating the Roku.
Deleted the Tablo app and reinstalled.

Plex, and other channels work fine.
All on same network, with Tablo hard wired.

The Roku SE is way too old (not powerful enough) to run the Tablo app.

What is the Roku SE model number? For example the Roku 3 is model 4200.

That’s what I was thinking…
Found some recording conflicts, cleared them, and, later it worked again.