Tablo reverted to *very* old recording schedule

This is unreal.

We were away for the weekend. we got back just in time to watch the Cowboys game. Mrs. Bardel was sitting down, turning Tablo on to live and…

Tablo took a very, very long time to sync to the 4K Fire TV stick. It was long enough that she called me over - just in time for Tablo to show a message that it could not record

Incidentally, I have the older 4-tuner Tablo, not the Quad. Can’t find a model description anywhere in the Settings page.

Anyway, not wanting to miss any action, I ditched the Tablo and switched to YouTube TV where the game was also recording. Bitterly disappointed by the game, we switched back to Tablo to catch up with the local news.

Now the major confusion started. There are a lot of shows, but they’re old and the recording schedule shows it is set to record shows that we perhaps stopped recording a year or more ago.

it’s like Tablo restored itself from some old backup.

Anyone ever had this happen?

It’s just as well that I’m paying the $50-odd per month for YouTube TV. But to rub salt in my wounds I now have to sit through the mandatory ads.

Almighty, I’m disappointed, deeply, once more, by Tablo.

And yes, I have submitted a ticket to support - I imagine sometime in the coming week they will be contacting me with an email without meaning, and being unable to help.

Hence I’m just venting here. Mad as a hatter with two hats.

Use the new Tablo PREVIEW app on the Fire TV, not the OG app.

Delete the OG app from the Fire TV as well, reboot the Fire TV, then install the OG app again and let it do a new fresh sync.

I have no idea what the “OG App” means.

I"ll look around and see if I can find the “Preview” app.

However, this seems to be the state of my Tablo, I’ve since verified it is similar on the Web browser and on Roku.

Have you rebooted (aka power cycled) your Tablo?

This is the “Preview” app, which will eventually replace the old app (which many call the OG app).

Assuming you think support can’t help you and your guide and recorded shows are correct, you could fix up the scheduled recordings to be correct, wait to see if it happens again, and wait for your disk to crash.

It does sound like something fishy happened here. Around this time, did anyone factory reset the Tablo?

I’ve flagged your ticket with our support team and you should hear from them today.

Yes, that’s usually something that’s easier to do than to log in and start wailing on a public support forum :smiley:

Yea, as I said, the guide is fine, the recorded shows are hosed.

Thank you. Yes, I’ve 2x communicated with support, which is excellent. Right now my Tablo is in Remote mode waiting for your guys to peek into the innards of it.

I’m kind of reconciled that I’ve lost stuff. Figuring out if it would have been worth avoiding Mrs B’s ire by installing Tablo Ripper or somesuch and installing Plex and then somehow getting her used to another interface. ::thinking:

Without backup, I realize the whole shebang is terribly exposed. to so many single points of failure.

There really couldn’t have been recordings that are super important. HDD’s don’t last forever. And HDD mileage varies by brand and model.

And how did you make the determination about the importance of recorded shows?

Of course, as any person that has used hard drives since the RLL format could tell you, yes, all drives eventually fail. For that very reason, most electronic devices relying on hard drives have some redundancy/backup method(s).

In this specific case, I was not really complaining about the effect of the hard drive failing, as you assumed. If anything, I’d lament that the Tablo did not use S.M.A.R.T. data to give an early heads-up of impending failure (if HDD failure is indeed the root cause). But then, an early warning from the Tablo that it was intending to lose all my recordings, would be of little use since to the best of my recollection, there is no easy way to migrate to a new drive and there is no redundancy native to Tablo.

We don’t save anything that’s been recorded. Once it’s watched it’s deleted. You only need the rippers for saving and/or sharing recordings.

It might be a blessing that some of my tablo HDD’s crashed. It’s an auto-clean. We live in the south-south west. The weather is good all year around. No terrible weather binge watching. So we’re never going to get around to watching some of the recordings taking up space.