Tablo restarting/rebooting while watching shows

I have cut the cord finally and relying on Tablo for local channels. Over the last few days I have noticed while watching any local channel Tablo restarts/reboots (blue light flashing) for about 20 secs and I’m presented with the guide. I have to select the channels again to continue watching.

This is frustrating simply because I had to “file several petitions and justify my cord-cutting decision” with the “boss” and even though I can live with a few “glitches” the boss will not and I catch hell every time this happens.

Has anyone else experienced this anomaly or is it just me with a bad unit? Are there any troubleshooting steps for support?


It may be getting too hot. I keep my Tablo on its side, while some prop it up higher or use a laptop cooling pad. When a Tablo gets too hot, it will reboot.


I second snowcat - is your Tablo in a well ventilated area? And when snowcat says on its side, he means standing it vertically - I do the same.

I watched the whole Warriors - Cavs game for 2.5 hours live on Sunday using the Tablo with no reboots.

It’s flat on a glass surface - I’ll stand it on it’s side and check today.

Thanks !

Update: it’s been a few days and the problem only gets worse. I have mounted the Tablo on heat-sink stands and its not in a hot location. Here is what I have experienced on a daily basis.

  1. Switching local channels causes a reboot
  2. Sometimes I get a message that there are no turners available - I have the 4 tuner model and no simultaneous recordings happening

I have invested a lot of time and services into Tablo solution and since I have disconnected my DirecTV I have to say that this has been a very frustrating user experience!

How can I get to the bottom of this issue?


I would submit a ticket to Tablo support to help get to the bottom of the issue.

If it isn’t heat related, the next culprit is likely the hard drive. If the hard drive isn’t staying connected, it would cause the no tuners available issue. What make and model drive are you using.

Definitely give us a shout. We can take a look at your Tablo from our end to see what’s up. You can send us a ticket, or give us a call directly: 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688)

I have a Tablo 4-Tuner unit with dead USB ports that do not work (dead). Is there anyone willing to pay me something for the unit? It’s in working order otherwise and 11 month subscription remaining.


Did you ever contact tech support? I am surprised they would not swap you out a tablo 4 tuner if it has bad hardware during the warranty period – I had a similar experience setting up the tablo 4 tuner which would not recognize the Winchester HD and was told I had bad USB ports but when I reset the device using the blue reset button it recognized the Hard Disk and has been working ever since

I do have the reboot problem on my LG TV but it has to do with the tablo app on the tv running out of memory and rebooting the tv while streaming my recordings – I hope the next update to the app fixes that issue

Is your signal close to perfect? If there is any corruption from a weak signal it will crash the tablo.

@NPF Not sure if you’re unit is well out of its warranty or not - but if it is, it may be worth considering the sale we’re having on refurbished units right now.

My signal is perfect. Is there anyone wanting to buy this unit? The unit works except for the USB ports… please let me know.