Tablo requires an internet connection?

My internet was down the other day and I decided to just jump onto Chrome and manually schedule some shows… but couldn’t due to required internet connection? Anyone know of other OTA DVR’s available that truly does not require this?

Only thing comes to mind is Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2255. I’ve used (still do) these for years and they work well. Before I bought into Tablo, I was going to buy a couple more for another computer, but decided to give the Tablo 4 tuner a try. I still do not know if I made the right choice, but I am getting content for my PLEX media server, so I am OK.


Doesn’t tablo have apps for ipad, android, amazon kindle tables, iphone, android smart phones, amazon fire tv, android tv, and roku.

I assume if you were using chrome then you tried to use the WEB app which is at address Where on your local device would this address resolve to. Isn’t this a WEB address?

I have Roku, but I cannot manually set recordings using its app. Roku is the only device that I have in the ‘list’ that you just gave.

I think most of us have either an Android or IOS smartphone and there is a Tablo app for both.You can set recordings using the apps.

That is one downfall of the Tablo. I think there should be a way to communicate directly to the Tablo to tell it what to record without having to use the web.

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But doesn’t Android and iOS devices still require an internet connection to access your ‘local’ Tablo?

One would think you could simply type in the local IP address of the Tablo within your local network via the URL address bar and get the same screen… I simply don’t understand why you can’t do that.

I also have multiple roku’s and would also like a full feature roku app to be finally released. But I don’t think embedding a full featured WEB app and the various app services inside the tablo server is a good idea since there are other device apps that aren’t WEB based.

Finalize the new Roku app and be done with it.

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The actual interface you use to access the Tablo in the Chrome browser is actually a live website hosted by Tablo. This website is not stored locally on the Tablo hence having to go to

This is true. The iPad app and the original legacy Tablo channel on the Roku do not require a live internet connection.

The new Tablo Preview channel on the Roku does need one.

That was true at one point but we have since added network discovery to the Roku channel.

Every time you open the Roku channel, it will use our network discovery tools to find your Tablo. If it can’t find it on your local network, it will fall back to Tablo’s servers to try to find it.

Long story short, you should be able to use your Tablo via Roku with an external web outage. You’ll still need your home network to be working and power, but it will work.

Our apps that are web-enabled (iPhone, Android, FireTV) will require a live connection.

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Thanks for the update.

At some point, will it be possible to set manual recordings via the Roku Channel as you can in the other devices… and primarily WITHOUT the need of an internet connection? I really like how the Tablo is local LAN based as its main basis of operation, however, relying on external servers via an internet connection to manually set recordings contradicts that feature in my opinion.

I would hope there will be at least one app that can be used with tablo without a WAN connection.

When a jet plane flying over tablo headquarters drops a 5 ton piece of blue ice and it strikes tablo headquarters and wipes out all it’s servers, I don’t want to wait for the cleanup to use my tablo.

There really should be at least one app, primarily the Roku or using a Web Browser via PC, that allows you to do all local stuff such as manually set recordings, view, multi delete, etc, without the ‘internet cord’. One person mentioned Web Browser is for ‘web’… but Routers have a ‘web interface’ that you type in via ip address to configure and doesn’t use internet access to make adjustments. Why can’t the Tablo?

Our iOS tablet app is native and also uses network discovery.

Can the iOS tablet app manually set recordings without the use of internet?


With a year over year decline of 18% for sales of Apple tablets and a decline of 12% for Samsung tablets, I think I’ll leap into the trailing edge of technology just to manage my tablo.

How often are you really going to be without internet? This is not a huge deal.