Tablo remote streaming

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That IS what I LIKE about Tablo! Watch YOUR STATIONS ANYWHERE there is internet. Out of city, out of state, out of country. They ALL WORK with no streaming rights problems. Only need internet connection.

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Correct - it’s a nice feature.

But it still doesn’t work on any Roku device. The new Preview app for the Fire TV and Android TV devices doesn’t work with Tablo Connect either.

I don’t think the Apple TV app supports it either.

So maybe they’re stepping away from remote viewing.

I thought those were technical issues they hoped to correct in the future. You appear to think otherwise. What is your reasoning? Is it just because of the fire TV apps?

I have no insight into what Tablo plans for the future.

I hope the Roku gets Tablo Connect, but it’s been 3.5 years since the Roku channel came out and still no remote viewing for it.

The Apple TV app and new Preview Fire TV / Android TV app are based on the same REST API as the Roku app.

I still love my Tablo, hope it lasts another 3.5 years.

Let’s see what @TabloTV says about remote viewing

Otherwise, many may consider the Fire TV replay. No monthly/yearly/lifetime fee to remotely stream. It would be easy for Tablo to follow suite. Viable? Remains to be seen.

I just bit the bullet on the lifetime subscription for Tablo. I honestly wouldn’t be sure if the lifetime plan would be worth it accept that it covers all Tablo devices in my account. I’m hoping Tablo is already thinking about upgrades to their devices. Looking forward to ATSC 3.0 in 2-3 years.

Amazon is all about locking you into their platform. Tablo is more open. I didn’t pay much more to buy the Tablo and my Lifetime subscription. I already had the hard drive I was using in my old DVR. I doubt Amazon is going to let me rip my content although someone will probably figure out a workaround.

Not at all.

It just hasn’t hit the top of the ‘to-do’ list.

That being said, the work to include Tablo Connect in the REST API is underway. Once complete we can schedule the client-side (app) work to enable it.

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Awesome API news! Any ETA? Thx!

Hope soon, but I really don’t have an idea. No betas of it yet, so that means most likely at least a month. Maybe our Christmas present this year.

I’m really looking forward to Tablo Connect on the Roku. Have any ideas about getting it bumped to the top of the to-do list?

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Send them a $100,000 donation and you’ll be good.



Well… it was an idea.