Tablo remote access via vpn is lagging!


As the title say i setup a vpn connection with my asus zenphone 3 zoom for remote access of my tablo.

I’m able to access it but it lagging too much when i listen to it. Like listen 5 second buffer 5 second… too anoying!

When i sas on the trial subscription with the tablo remote feature (without my vpn) it was ok.

I setup the vpn after the trial.

The A-B test as been made in the same wifi network.

So is the vpn that take a lot of bandwith? How work the remote feature from tablo does it take less bandwith to use with the paid subscription?

Thanks for your advice!!!

  1. What is the recording quality you have set up on your Tablo? You could lower the recording quality to say 720p 3 Mbps and give it a try.
  2. What is the upload speed of your internet connection at home where the Tablo is setup?
  3. What protocol are you using for VPN? PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN? This is key as some protocols use a lot of overhead.

I use my Tablo with a Roku remotely via a VPN so I can possibly weigh in on your issues.

I already drop my quality to 3mbps

My internet connection is 30mb/10mb

My vpn is L2TP

Does the vpn connection take some bandwith that will drop the link between my LAN and thé host? (That will explain the lag)

Thanks a lot for your help btw!!! :wink:

Do a speed test on your internet and see what the upload speed comes back as. 10 Mbps should be fast enough.

When you’re trying to watch remotely are you using your cell phone’s LTE data? Or are you using a WiFi network?

L2TP does have overhead so sometimes the speed you get is less than the 10 Mbps.

What device is running your VPN service anyway? A router? This is another issue cause the CPU on the router limits VPN speeds.

Ha ok!

My ubiquity router run my vpn.

But my question is why on the same wifi with the tablo remote access feature everything was ok and with the vpn it lag?

It is easier to use the tablo remote access? Money is no object here!

Do you know how they handle this feature? (Tablo remote access)

If money is no object, just pay the one time subscription fee of $150. Then no need for VPN.

Ok so the remote access feature is easier then the vpn?

Should the vpn could be the reason of my lag problem?

Yes the VPN overhead is definitely a possible reason for buffering.

The Tablo Connect feature aka remote viewing doesn’t use VPN.

Also with the Tablo Connect feature there is a Remote Streaming Quality (RSQ) feature, was your set to something less than Full Quality? Read this about the RSQ setting:

Yep i tryed at 3mbps with the same lagging result…

So best bet is what i think that the vpn connection need a part of the stream bandwith for the communication resulting in a lot of buffering. In the other hand i dont know how the paid remote access feature work but it dont give buffering like it happen when using vpn!

Thanks a lot again for your advice!

So the Remote Streaming Quality feature doesn’t come in to play if you’re connected via a VPN because the phone thinks it’s connected locally to the Tablo, not remotely.

So the Recording Quality and Remote Streaming Quality are two different things.

Also if you change the Recording Quality to 720p 3 Mbps, this does not apply to previous recordings. If only applies to new recordings going forward. Did you change the Recording Quality and try a new recording?