Tablo recording shows there is a recording, but nothing is there

2 issues:
I record Young & Restless everyday. yesterday and today show states there are 2 recordings, but when I click on it it states there are no recordings.

I tape news every morning. There are 2 blank recordings that can not be deleted.

Thank you for any assistance

I am also experiencing this issue, but not with all recordings. The Program Icon on the full recording list indicates a recording (as scheduled, and the program screen indicates it recorded) but on recorded programs screen for that show none exists.

@Kedenhofer @philetal

We’ve managed track down both of these issues and we’re working on a fix now. Please feel free to send our support team a note detailing what you’re seeing, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have an update available.

Someone supposedly logged in today, but I have heard nothing more and nothing has changed. Now Young and Restless states there are 3 recordings but when clicking there is nothing.

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I think Tablo just hates soap operas. It happens to my wife’s Days of our Lives show too. :wink:

Same issue here…my wife’s Days of Our Lives show isn’t recording, yet all other scheduled recordings work just fine. I sent a support ticket, got an email from support asking me to set my device for remote access which I did. After a couple of days, I received an email from Tablo support saying the issue is fixed. It was…for a couple of weeks and now it’s right back to where it was. I just sent ANOTHER email to support advising them of the failed fix, so we’ll see if someone smarter can fix it for good. This is their last chance, there are just too many bugs and hiccups. I bailed on cable/Uverse but Tablo is not worth the constant headaches.

Same issue here with my wife show on ABC General Hospital (no comment on this):

  • recorded every day
  • shows in the “recordings” section
  • but no visible episode when accessing it (they’re there but not really).
    I am on 2.2.18. I can record live TV but did not try any other recurrent recording.

Any help would be very much appreciated, this is the first big issue we have with Tablo since we bought it 2 years ago.
PS: I am in IT, I can try weird debugging stuff or be contacted offline if needed.

Extra info: below is what I see when I open the next recording list ==> Name of the show is not correct. It shows “Channel 4-1 (ABC)” but should show “General Hospital”. I tried to record another ABC recurrent show “Wheel of Fortune”. Title shows “Best Friends” instead. Scheduling date, time and channel all match, the title only is wrong.

As an ex-dev, I can totally see a potential bug here where the app is looking for a string that does not exist…

So is the problem likely that your guide data isn’t correct for your location?

If you’re still seeing this, can you send our support team a ticket with the details above? We’d like to take a peak.

Same problem but with Family Guy april 22 for 5.1. Recent has a blank entry. TV recording say 1 episode but no recording when tapped. Sent ticket.
Also odd 1 recording for a NFL football game. I am not a sports fan and never record them. So very odd lol

That sounds like a guide issue.

@Datasurgeon Just out of curiosity, was the football game the Pro Bowl (AFC vs NFC)? I remember that game recording for a lot of people who didn’t schedule it to record.

Not being a sports fan, I just deleted it, not thinking at the time of research

I’m having the same issue with Grey’s Anatomy. Only this show. Shows episode being recorded on live tv page. Shows episode recorded in recordings. When I select Grey’s, nothing shows as recorded. I’ll send a message to support as well.