Tablo Recording 2 files per episode

I have been noticing more of the TV shows I’m recording are now split in two files ( say The Orville, Season 1, Episode 8, will show Episode 8 2x’s) there will be two files, it will record about 8 minutes, then will stop, then record the remainder of the episode in a part 2 version of Episode 8. May Tablo just started doing this last week, it was with just one show, now I have this going on in multiple TV shows. What is happening?

My guess is that the signal on either this channel or another one is too weak. I don’t understand why, but if the Tablo tries to go to a channel that is too weak to capture the signal, it gives up the ghost / bails / punts / upchucks / and finally reboots itself. I guess it’s because these tuners are way too brainy. I think this because I know a tuner is used to generate those nice thumbnails.

I would try to re-scan you channels, and then don’t enable the weak ones.

Your Tablo may be rebooting at the point he show is split. I’ve noticed mine will reboot if the signal is weak or nonexistant. Check your signal levels.

I’ll have to check on that, you have a point. Thanks. Most of the time though those channels have very strong signals, but something may have changed the antenna, so I’ll check. Thanks.

It is probably also worth check to see if the show is on two different channels at the same time. The Tablo may be switching between them.

I’m suggesting this because I get a weak signal from Fox but most Fox shows are also broadcast by a Canadian broadcaster (that I get a stronger signal from). I have to manually record The Orville on CityTV to force the more reliable signal.

I have also noticed this behavior (just within the last month or so). Started recording a travel show that’s on one of the non-HD subchannels of my PBS station (.3). 35 minute recordings many times results in a split (28 mins & 7 mins for example) - but sometimes records the episode without the split. Recordings from the same PBS station on subchannel .1 (HD) don’t have any issues, and have not seen on any other channels. I chalked it up to an issue with that channel that the Tablo can’t deal with.

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I’ll jump in here, I posted in a separate thread with the same issue.

I’ve had this happen on three channels now. Two have very strong signals, one has a medium signal. Weather has been good. A show from Sunday was split into five pieces: 18, 5, 9, 11, and 15 minutes. Totalling 58 minutes of the expected 65.

One of the channels that it’s failed on gas two separate stations. The other two channels are lone stations.

This has just started happening in the past week or so. This has happened on about half of the recordings. Usually it’s split into two or three segments, but up to five has happened.

Bear in mind that if a signal is so weak that it never even starts recording, that could cause a reboot. It may look like the recordings that are split are the culprit, but may be really the show that never even recorded at all, but caused the reboot.

Note : I just guessing here…

Open a Support Ticket and have Tablo look at your logs. This is highly likely due to poor / interrupted OTA signal. They will confirm or deny this.

Is the video pixelated in any of the 5 segments? If yes, then it points to signal issues.

Yes, sometimes the station is pixelated . So I will have to re adjust my antenna. I haven’t moved the antenna, so I guess I didn’t understand why this was happening, but with everyone pointing to the antenna as the issue, I will follow up and let you all know. Thanks for the advise everybody.

I have 4 shows recording around the same time (9 pm). 2 of the shows end at 9 and 2 start at 9. Many times the shows will be recorded in 2 sessions. When this happens the first segment is anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. The second session has the rest but misses about a minute between. So we get fragmented recording with some loss with it.

I have 4 tuner Tablo running 2.2.16. Excellent reception on all the channels involved. Rescanned and rebooted a few times over the last few weeks to make sure all is good. Still does it. Tuesday nights is when this happens. Will report back with more details.

What do you think @TabloSupport and @TabloTV?

I think its the shows that begin at 9 pm that are segmented and missing content. I will find out tonight if it reproduces and exactly which shows it happens to. We will make sure to not use the tablo between 8 and 10 pm EST to make sure we don’t use up one of the tuners as well.

I’ll report back tomorrow and if it happens open a case with @TabloSupport as needed.

Split recordings are usually the result of a reboot. What triggers the reboot can be a few different things: severely poor reception during the recording process, a USB disconnect/removal of the hard drive, or a manual reboot via the blue reset button.

If this has happened to a recent recording (within the last few days) send us a ticket with the details (recording, channel it recorded on, date) and we’ll take a look to see what’s causing it.

Will do if it reproduces, thanks.