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I have a Roku premiere in the bed room and when I try to use the tablo I’m getting reconnecting to Tablo way to often. The Roku is about 20 feet and through a wall from my Tablo. I also have a Roku premiere on same shelf in my den, and don’t have any issues. Thought my issue might be with the Roku so I switched them and that isn’t working. Any suggestions are welcome!

The distance to the Tablo isn’t important, it’s the distance to the router that is more important.

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Are they the both exact same models? There are many model numbers labelled as “Roku Premiere”.

My only suggestion is to factory reset the Roku that is having problems. Once you re-link it to your Roku account all your apps/channels will be re-installed.

It’s worth checking the WiFi signal quality on either Roku in the bedroom:

Distance from router is about 20 feet also. Speed test at Roku is always 26-27 Mbps download. On mobile device 80-120 mbps download. Mobile cell speed 6-8 Mbps download.

The one in the den is 4630 premier+
The one in bedroom 4620 premiere.

Signal strength is always Excellent and Roku always shows Good Internet download speed (26-27) Mbps. Other devices on WiFi show 80-120 Mbps download speed. T-Mobile home internet 5G.

Put me down as a “Me too”.

After 6-7 months of almost no issues,I began getting the “reconnecting to Tablo” message a week or so ago. They are occurring on a daily basis, several times per day. I get them on live TV as well as recorded programs.

I can think of only two things that might have affected me. The last Tablo update, and my DSL carrier replaced my older router with an Arris NVG443B. Maybe the “NVG” means “not very good”? (insert laugh here)

I have a Tablo quad with a Roku ultimate. My router is in my basement (where phone lines enter) and I have a Netgear extender at top of the stairs on the first floor (almost line of sight to router). Roku reports excellent signal strength throughout the home. This setup has worked fine for the last 6-7 months.

I also have an internet monitor because my DSL loses the internet frequently and I complain just as frequently. Usually the connection is fine, but the internet is not available. My internet monitor records outages longer than 15 seconds. It reports no interruptions during the times I receive the “Reconnecting” messages.

Anybody else have this issue and or a suggestion for me to try?

I performed the factory reset and appears to have fixed the reconnect issue. Since the factory reset my Roku shuts down after 4 hours of no activity. I’m an old coot and often go to bed early. Falling asleep with the tv on. To get local channels in the bedroom I have to go through Tablo with Roku. At first I thought it was the Tablo. The Roku is shutting down with YTTV, Tubi, and Pluto.

Is the Tablo able to reconnect after a minute or so? If so, it’s possible the unit could be rebooting for some reason. Our team would be able to help you narrow this down. Don’t hesitate to send us a ticket.

Have you tried switching your Roku to the 5 GHz band?
I ran my Roku on the 2.4 GHz band for several years. Then it started giving me connection issues. Netflix, Hulu, etc still worked just fine.

Using the Android app WiFi Analyzer, I could see that the 2.4 GHz band in my neighborhood was a lot more active than it had been several years earlier.
My conclusion was that the 2.4 GHz band got overly crowded and the Roku could not get or keep a good connection.

Switching to the Roku to the 5 GHZ band solved this problem for me.

I JUST posted a solution to this on a new thread that worked for me FINALLY. No more “can’t connect/can’t find” messages after getting those messages too frequently on every Tablo watching device despite excellent WIFI speed and house coverage:

For those of you who have been frustrated like me at the frequent “can’t connect to Tablo”/“can’t find Tablo” messages when using WIFI to connect because the modem Ethernet is in another room, I finally found a solution that worked for me and hope helps others. I bought this:
TP-Link AV600 Powerline Ethernet Adapter(TL-PA4010 KIT)- Plug&Play, Power Saving, Nano Powerline Adapter, Expand Home Network with Stable Connections

It creates an Ethernet connection using your wall outlets plugs. One wall outlet Ethernet cable goes into the Tablo Ethernet port, the other wall outlet Ethernet cable goes into your modem. No set up - just plug and play. Problem solved! No more “can’t find” messages on Roku, iPhone etc. I bought a couple Cat 6 Ethernet cables separately to make sure it was carrying good speeds through it but comes with 2 Ethernet cables (not sure if Cat 5 or 6). Hope it helps!

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Yes, it reconnects after 1-2 minutes but then I have to reselect the program from the tablo menu and choose “resume” if it was a recording.

Sounds like it could be rebooting. If you touch base with our team, we can take a look.

Is there a way to do this but on the Tablo itself? Imagine a diagnostic page that shows which network interface is active (wifi vs ethernet), show detailed network configuration settings and perform a speed test?

Since poor network connectivity is a frequent source of frustration that’s totally outside of Tablo’s control, I feel it would be relevant to have such option to troubleshoot issues.

All of a sudden mine is screwed up, too. When I try get on through my Shield, it says I need a subscription. I have one, and they take out the payment every month.

In the Subscription sections on the Settings page - click the Refresh button if that doesn’t help…

Contact Support -

I live in a rural area and did have internet issues. Now I have T-Mobile home internet on the 5G with 70-120 Mbps download speed. Can watch Netflix in 4K HDR. T-Mobile doesn’t allow port forwarding and I never used the option when I was paying almost $100.00 a month for up to 12 Mbps.
My Tablo is connected with Ethernet cable and both Roku are wireless.

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