Tablo recognizes hard drive and space used but video does’t show up in Tablo “Recordings”?

Tablo Dual lite ota, after factory reset, recognizes that it has a hard drive (same one prior to rest) attached and also the space used prior to factory reset, but the Recordings do not show up in tablo “Recordings”? I had 30 or more recordings, prior to reset. Settings in Tablo showes about 33% space used and that would be correct.

I don’t think recordings are retained over a factory reset. The usage you see on the drive will be cleaned up with Tablo’s nightly maintenance.

Tablo might be able to help you recover those recordings, if you want to try to recover don’t leave the Tablo on overnight (else the maintenance mode mentioned above will run).

However the hard drive shouldn’t even know there was factory reset, it wasn’t connected (I don’t think, anyway). The reason for reset was intermittent “No Tuner Available” and “No Hard Drive”. So it was battle with trying soft resets, with the hard detached and also with the hard detached, different USB interface cable - sometimes fix the issue for a couple of days, so did the factory reset. I unplugged the Hard Drive for the now….good idea, thanks! Now I guess I will figure out how to open a ticket and watch morning news live for a while.

Sorry… was supposed to be “with hard drive detached and with hard drive attached”.

This Tech support article clearly states:

Tablo DVR’s database and all troubleshooting logs will be erased, along with all recordings and recording schedules available on the attached hard drive.

It also has the notice:

A factory reset should not be attempted as a troubleshooting step and should only be done as a last resort by someone who knows what they’re doing.

For trouble shooting it’s suggested:

Before attempting a factory reset, we recommend trying some of the more basic troubleshooting steps found in this article of the Tablo Knowledge base.

There are manual ways to recover recordings from your drive (search the forum) – but you will never get them back “on your tablo” -

By factory resetting the device, any and all old data accumulated during your usage of the device is erased

The DB information referencing the recordings playlist is lost. Recordings are not a single file stored on the drive, so it’s not so straight forward as just finding a file.

I got this resolved. I found more info on the internet.

Note: I removed the HD from Tablo overnight, due to the Tablo Maintenance/Update overnight, as I did the following today (as advised earlier in this post);

Note: Apparently, if you do this you need to do a soft reset prior to the below to store the data base to the hard drive. I had done that several times in the last several days prior to the factory reset in the attempt to resolve my issues.

  1. Did another factory reset, with no cables attached (other than power, of course).

  2. Removed the power cable.

  3. Reattached the HD, Ethernet and then power - in that order.

After about an hour or so my channels, recording scheduling and recordings returned to they initially were. Hopefully my random problems did not.

That’s the “Move drive to new tablo” thing. So you just restored your tablo to where it was before you reset it.

It put the backed-up DB back in place, so it’s exactly like it was… like you just walked around in circles. :frowning:

At least you’re learning about how your tablo works and functions, maybe not the easiest way, but lessons learnt can be beneficial some day.

good luck