Tablo Reboots itself every 24 hours

I’ve had the 4-tuner Tablo for about 3 weeks now. It works great except that it restarts itself every day at 10:05.

Here’s the recording schedule:
Channel 64.4, 7:00 -8:00, 8:00 - 9:00;
Ch. 3.2, 9:00 - 10:00;
Ch 43.3, 9:00 - 10:00, 10:00 - 11:00.

All scheduled recordings except for the 10:00 record without any errors. The 10:00 recording reports errors and retries. The message claims “weak signal.”

At first I thought the problem might be DHCP, so I reserved for the Tablo. This did not resolve the problem.

Next, I unscheduled today’s Ch 43.3 10:00 recording, and substituted it with a Ch 13.1 recording at the same time. (Ch. 13 is very strong signal and records well always). Same thing happened. At 10:05 the Tablo restarted itself.There is a 5 minute recording with no error message, and the rest of the program is proceeding on a second recording.

The Tablo Cat-5 runs from a Linksys switch connected to a Linksys Powerline adapter connected to wall outlet. Here’s the coax setup. Wall to surge strip, surge strip to Archer amp/splitter, to TV and Tablo.

I really like the Tablo, and don’t want to have to give it up, but this is really annoying, and is a potential deal killer.

Please help.

same happens to me. I’ve posted a couple other times here. I have a 9:30 recording happening and my tablo drops off the network and after 10 minutes I have to reboot it to get it back. How long does your stay down and does it actually reboot itself? I opened a support case and they say they are looking into it.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues too. The unit just crashes and restarts itself. This morning I sat watching it to see if the process would repeat. At exactly 10:05 it went down, then immediately rebooted with lights flashing. It only takes a minute to get back up, but i end up with 2 or more fragments of the show. I emailed support and received an automated response. I hope I don’t have to send it back.

Weird cause when mine drops off the network and becomes unresponsive the only thing that fixes it is power cycling it myself. It doesn’t reboot on its own. Is it overheating? Do you have the hard drive sitting on it causing it to get warm? Can air get underneath it?

The unit stays real cool. It sits on a dual fan, USB laptop cooler I picked up on eBay. The cooler is elevated by 3/4" foamy cushions. So there’s lots of ventilation beneath, and its not hot to the touch. The WD Elements 1TB HD sits off to the side and does not heat up. What’s weird is the consistency of the crash; every day at 10:05.

Have you set a static IP address on yours? I’m thinking the DHCP server on your router might be causing the problem. I know there’s no way to do it on the unit itself - a major shortcoming in my opinion - but on some routers you can reserve an IP address for your devices. You just need to know the MAC address of the device, and locate the DHCP configuration setup page on your router.

Mine is consistent too but also not. But always seems to happen during or right after or before a recording. Yes, I use a statically assigned dhcp address.

Sounds like a power issue. Check the draw. Is there an appliance on the same circuit going on at the same time your Tablo fails? Can you isolate?

Today I unscheduled the 10:00 recording and the Tablo did not crash as usual. Last night’s recordings proceeded and completed with no problems, but that’s usually the case. Is there a recording limitation I wasn’t told about? I bought this from the Amazon site. Was I sent a defective unit? Is one or more tuners defective?

I’ve scheduled four 11:00 recordings to see if the device crashes.

So it crashed again, but it looks like all four programs are recording. I’ll check them out later when I have more time to see what actually did record.

All four scheduled programs recorded, but the 1st minute is missing. Considering sending this back, but I can’t see myself getting a Clearstream or Tivo. The Tablo concept is way ahead of the rest. Very disappointing.

Call support, mate. Maybe they can figure out what is going on.

Did you get the first 30day trial subscription when you first got your Tablo? Coz’ when I first got mine from Frys, it didn’t have the 30day trial and the device was already registered by someone so I took it back and got another one… This time when I connected everything I got the 30day trial subscription so it’s perfect… Knock on wood, It’s been working perfect… So you might have a defective device? or give Support a call?? I hope you didn’t order yours from a 3rd party sellers… I Got a bad experienced from them… I ordered a new item and charged full price of it and got a used one instead… It’s a waste of money and time… Just make sure it’s Amazon seller and you’ll be ok… …

I’m glad your experience is a good one. I believe it’s a new unit. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the advice. I sent an email and received an automated response.

After reading comments in other threads, I suspect the problem might be related to weak reception. I’m researching other amps, and thinking I might need to repostion the antenna at the peak of the roof. It’s currently located on a rake about 2’ from the gutter behind a hedge maple. We have a 5/12 pitch, so we’re looking at about 15 to 16 feet off the ground with less of an obstruction if I can manage it. Biggest problem is my fear of heights and too short of a ladder. Roof mount is out of the question; we have half round concrete tiles.

Problem has been fixed by firmware upgrade to 2.2.13. I asked tech support what was causing the problem, and all I got was this “If the firmware update fixed the problem you were seeing, it’s likely that something unexpected in the video feed from those particular channels you mentioned was reaching the video processor in Tablo and causing an error. Since firmware updates are meant to iron out the kinks in the way Tablo runs, it’s not surprising that the errors are no longer being thrown after the update.” Whatever. Just glad it’s fixed so I can get on with my life until I have to deal with the next technological exigency.