Tablo quits app on Roku while scrolling thru guide

This problem popped up.a few months ago. Now getting critical. While scrolling thru the program guide on Roku 3 and clicking on selection to get info on program content Tablo/app exits to Roku home screen. My wife has been complaining about this for some time-used to work great. I tried it and it does it for me also. Occurs many times during the day when searching guide.

Occurs on both Tablo Quads we own. Both Tablos are hardwired and the Roku3 is also hardwired to same network.
Older Tablo Quad: Seagate Expansion 5TB.
New Tablo Quad: Seagate Expansion 8TB.
Both Tablos f/w: 2.2.30
Roku 3 4200x s/w version:9.4 build 4200-04

I had some issues with my Roku doing weird things when Roku updated to their newest firmware. Not Tablo related. A factory reset of the Roku fixed it for me. Once you re-link to your Roku account all your channels get re-installed so you don’t lose your channels.

My Roku 3(4200x) running 9.4.0 4200-04 works fine.

The poster inplied it was guide versus grid say if he means grid. Or if this was limited to specific shows or if the tablo guide worked on other devices.

The tablo app use to throw an exception if the guide had an entry but the episode information was either missing or corrupt. But nightly maintenance is suppose to clean up these types of problems.

And there use to be talk of too many app resulting in low memory.

Too start I would delete the tablo app, reboot the roku, and readd the app as a first try.

Is the grid the guide as it is displayed on the TV? There is info on the program? Maybe I should have said grid from the guide data. Will try the Roku delete reinstall and reinstall of the Tablo app.

If it’s the grid I’ll assume that you have the 14 day grid enabled.

And if so you have the 14 day grid enabled and have a medium number of channels. I’ll assume you use the d-pad or FF buttons to try to move into the future before the grid is completely filled in?

Yes we have the 14 day grid enabled. It says beta version on Tablo info. When it occurred for me everything was stable-screen was filled.

Same issue here when scrolling down in the guide, the tablo crashes & I get kicked to the roku homescreen. Doesn’t matter if the guide is fully loaded or if you scroll slowly. Boom, crash. Started doing it about a month or two ago. I tried re-scaning & saving the channel lineup; initially that seemed to fix it. But then it started crashing again.
Tablo dual lite, roku 2 & 3

Sorry you’re running into this…

This timeline doesn’t line up with any Tablo firmware or app update or Roku OS update.

Did you perhaps start using the 14-day grid versus the 24 hour grid at that time?

Older Roku devices like the 3 but especially the Roku 2 may not have enough processing power available to handle the 14-day version.

Maybe this is related? I am also using a Roku 3, but don’t use the guide. This week, my Roku 3 rebooted twice while fast forwarding. It is starting with the preview image becoming black, then the software freeze and the reboot happen. This only happened to me once before many years ago when both Tablo and Roku did an update at the same time. It took another updade to correct the problem. This time, I don’t know why it’s happening. I haven’t updated the Tablo yet and the last Ruku update was in December. I will try to find out if there is anything new on my Roku that could create that problem, it could be out of memory?

You use to be able to get the Roku app to throw that exception by FF into the future such as 10 days and before it fills in d-pad down to a channel and time and hit okay a number of times and d-pad down and do it again.

Then FF to the 14 day limit and and repeat.

But since I didn’t find the 14-day guide useful I just let the dead dog lie.

Problem solved! Performed factory reset Roku3, reloaded from Roku website, rebooted Tablo’s (2) Quad’s and then rescanned both. Have been testing - Problem is gone! Thank you all for the help.