Tablo Quat tv eats dsl bandwidth

This Quad is TV only, not for smart tv’s etc.

I have Dsl service with <>12 down and ,.1,4 up.
I just installed my Quad 3 days ago and all works great BUT it is eating my down bandwidth with nothing going on.
I’m not talking just a small amount either and my ping with DSL speed test will be 300 and more…
My bandwidth drops down to 2-4 or so down and <>.5 up.
I ended up enabling QOS on my ASUS router for the QUAD down to 2Mbps and 1 for up. That took care of the issue.
My question is what is my QUAD up to that eats that much bandwidth.

I do not run the Tablo App on my phone so it is not talking to anything other than my TV along with guide updates.

Can someone enlighten me as to why this is happening?


When you say TV only, do you mean you have a Tablo QUAD HDMI?

If you are talking your external bandwidth, here are details on what Tablo will use…

“The data required to download Tablo’s TV guide is minimal - about 10-11 MB of data per month per channel.”

“The data required to download Tablo firmware updates is also minimal - on average approximately 24 MB per update.”

However, if you have have the commercial skip service as well, it will use noticeably more bandwidth…

“*** UPDATE - All Tablo DVRs will also use between 100-200 MB/hour of recording in external internet bandwidth if you have the Automatic Commercial Skip feature enabled. ***”

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Also the final caveat:

Those with upload speeds slower than 3 Mbps, or with very low datacaps should NOT enable this feature.

Based on the OP’s internet speed, it is likely the uploading for com skip processing that is slowing down their internet.


Yes with HDMI.

This Tablo is for TV only, no Roku.

I realize and understand these features and needs for download and upload.

If you read what I have posted I clarified what was going on during my testing.
There was absolutely no known activity on the Tablo. No recording, no updating, TV was off but the Quad was REALLY active doing something over my wifi.


If you have a LOT of channels enabled, it could still be downloading all the cover images, etc.

Now it’s wifi not DSL? If thre were “absolutely” then how can it be the tablo? Or it could be doing things, you’re just not sure.

I can’t find where you explained your test? Just that you believe tablo is using up your internet bandwidth for no apparent reason. No further trouble-shooting testing.
Nor if you use commercial skip. Just what your perception of “what was going on”.

djk44883 said:

“Now it’s wifi not DSL? If thre were “absolutely” then how can it be the tablo? Or it could be doing things, you’re just not sure.”

Sorry if it is not clear about what I said…
This TABLO has no other service than OTA tv… No movies down load from the internet, like Ruko.

I have DSL service
We use WIFI from our DSL service via a MODEM and a ROUTER.
I run a DSL speed test and I see 12m down… When all is good.
To isolate where the bandwidth is going I removed the power from the TABLO and rerun a speed test, problem gone.

If you read my notes I said that I used my router to do a Quality of service reducing the bandwidth to the TABLO… Problem gone.

There should be no activity on my TABLO, the TV is off, the TABLO has not reason to be downloading for hours/days I only have 3 videos to watch and they have been ready to watch for 3 days. It started before I started adding tv series from OTA programs.
Why I started troubleshooting? My browser etc was a bit slow and jerky.

This is not an intermittent problem it is near constant.

If a person has cable and greater than <>15 down they would not even know that anything is going on! They could run a speed test with the Tablo powered up then again with the Tablo off and see that the Tablo in fact is sitting there talking away. There would only be a reduction of speed of <> 5-10 M down. They would barely see any thing on the up!

I get 12 down and when the Tablo is doing this it is getting anywhere between 5 -8 meg down!
Along with that the up drops from 1.3 or so to .4- .6.

Been through this type of issue with similar issues with Blue tooth head sets at friends homes and mine. Also Amazon Fire sticks…


@Jts_tabby - As a test, can you try disabling Commercial Skip Detection in your SETTINGS screen?

Tablo won’t begin uploading/downloading commercial skip data until a recording is complete and a tuner is available for fast-forward preview processing (which is required for Commercial Skip Detection to begin).

That means these functions can happen when nobody is actively watching/recording content which can cause this same confusion in other folks whose internet may not be quite fast enough for this feature.

Thank you sir for reinforcing my early morning findings. At 4am this morning I got up for an OLD MAN PEE, no house lights were on so it was dark and I noticed my router and modem TX/REC internet leds were flashing like I had never seen them flash so fast… I did some speed tests then I unplugged the Tablo and all the activity stopped… I plugged the Tablo back in and within about 2 min the leds on the router/modem were flashing like crazy.
I went into settings and turned off the Commercia Skip Detection and all the flashing stopped.
I assumed that this feature would not consume so much time nor data but it does.

Then I get back up this AM and read your Tablo TV post and there it was. I know a couple of the posters did mention this but I could not believe that it would actually consume that much of my 12 down 1.3 up bandwidth. Well I believe it now! hahahaaa.

You are correct about folks with slow internet or having limited data…hhahahaaa.
My data is not limited but this feature sure does truncate my bandwidth.

Thanks to all who posted…

This feature will not deter me from keeping my Tablo…

As a note, yesterday morning I loaded up quite a few TV series shows so the skip commercial feature was active. Boy it does gobble the data!

Hopefully this thread will help others understand what happens with slower internet or limited data internet!


@Jts_tabby - If your upload speed is too slow and you’re turning things on/off trying to troubleshoot, the uploads will fail and then restart, potentially over a number of days.

It doesn’t take up much data overall, but if your upload speed is too slow it can be like trying to cram a pumpkin into a garburator. You can probably do it, but it’s a bad idea, it’ll stop up your pipes, and the process isn’t gonna be any fun.

Garburator… love Canada!

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Hahahaaaa Garburator… cjcox… your correct!

A good ending for this thread. It might help someone and Tablo saving folks from being pissed off and returning their Tablo.

A note… One feature I wish the Tablo had is the ability to advance or back up 5 or 10 or 15seconds… My old Magnavox’s had this feature along with variable fwd/back slow motion variable speed.

The program guide and scheduling is wonderful!


Just watch you’re typos.

The video should jump 10 secs. forward/back with the D-pad: