Tablo quad with sata extension cable

I am a new tablo quad owner. I had an extra 3tb hard drive laying around my house but it was too thick to put in the tablo, so I bought a sata extension cable with the intention of just letting the hard drive sit next to the tablo. The tablo doesn’t seem to recognize the hard drive, just keeps saying no storage detected. Does anyone have any suggestions? I put my hand on the hard drive and I don’t feel any activity from it.

Would normally look like this

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Is that different than the one I bought? I don’t mean to sound like a dummy.

OK, I see it now. I always use separate power & data cables on my computers. But now I see that this one is both together . If they both click in on bother ends it should work. (on a computer the power cables have 3-5 connectors so you can connect 3-5 devices on one but have separate sata connectors) Sorry for the confusion

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I was actually kind if hoping you would say yes they are different then I would know why mine isn’t working. I looked at both of these item before purchasing the one I did. I bought this one because I only needed 1 cable. Everything snaps in like it should. Thank you for trying to help me.

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Even though the SATA connections are the the same, the power draw (now the voltage) between 2.5" laptop/mobile/portable drive and a 3.5" desktop drive may be very different.

It may not be getting sufficient power. You may look into an external enclosure with it’s own power supply. I’ve always had great service from Sabrent products


Thank you. I was thinking along the same lines as that but I wasn’t really sure if that was the problem.

Though I later heard from Tech Support that USB external drive docks aren’t officially supported, mine worked just fine (before I swapped to an internal drive, just to make less wires and plugs). There are many to choose from, mine’s a " Wavlink USB 3.0 to SATA I/ II/ III Dual Bay External Hard Drive Docking Station for 2.5/3.5 inch SSD/HDD".

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While this isn’t what I was going for. This does confirm the tablo just wasn’t pushing enough power to my internal hard drive that is outside the tablo. I took the power supply from an external hard drive that I had just for a test. I will have to put this power supply back on the external hard drive it goes to. I will see if I can find an external power supply for my internal hard drive or some other way to make use of this hard drive. I appreciate everyone’s suggestions and input on this.

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I just wanted to come back in here for what I guess is my final update. Everyone has been very helpful and I greatly appreciate all of you. You all helping me troubleshoot reminded me of a connection device I bought a long time ago. It’s not pretty but it works for now. It would have been a lot easier If the tablo had been able to supply enough power to the hard drive.

True, but that’s not the same and “will not work”, as you and many others discovered. It means it you have issues - don’t call them.

I too have used my Tablo Dual Lite with an external USB enclosure trouble free for several years.

It’s not pretty, and “just because” it just don’t seem like a good idea to have a setup like that.
BTW: my Tablo Quad (and likely everyone else’s) have sufficient power for a drive mounting inside or USB powered-size.

Maybe my cable is defective than. I would much rather have a direct connection like in my original photo. I will call tablo today and talk to them about how I have it set up. Thank you for letting me know most other people don’t have a problem getting sufficient power from the tablo to the hard drive.

The SATA power is only enough for a 2.5" drive. You’re using a 3.5" drive and that will require external power.


Thank you. That explains why the 2 tests with external power worked

to clarify, using a 2.5" drive. I have a 2.5" in an USB enclosure powered from Tablo Dual. I have a 2.5" internally in a Tablo Quad. I have had a 3.5" in an enclosure - which had it’s own power supply connected to a Tablo at one time.

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