Tablo quad with 1tb expansion

Can I add an external hard drive to the tablo quad with 1TB built in HD to expand more hard drive space.

I presume it like the discontinued Dual Lite 64 - you get one or the other. Once you connect an external drive you loose the external storage.

I don’t have the reference, It’s likely in Knowledge Base articles if not a blog post about the new additions.

EDIT: this isn’t completely correct, although the answer is out there - see next post

mistaken! The Dual 128 has similar storage as the 64, seems the 1TB is an actual SATA drive.

This was too easy to find… if you try -

For the Tablo QUAD 1TB DVR, its internal SATA drive must be removed before adding new compatible storage. Users can choose to replace the internal drive with any other compatible 2.5” 7-9mm height SATA drive, or connect any compatible portable external hard drive via USB.

For Dual 128, internal storage is accessible… not necessarily increased

For the Tablo DUAL 128GB DVR, you can connect any compatible portable hard drive via USB. Once formatted, all new recordings will bypass the internal storage and be saved to the new external drive. Recordings still on the internal storage can continue to be played back, managed, and deleted.

I can confirm that - I use an external drive for recording (4TB), but I tried an internal 1TB drive, and other than it taking up less space on the shelf, I did not see any benefits. But the 4TB drive was not seen when I installed the drive. A friend tried it as well, and he had recordings on his drive, installing the internal drive created issues with the database (I do not recall if he got them back - he contacted support).

I use the external 4TB drive now.