Tablo Quad + WD Blue 2TB Mobile Hard Drive - 5400 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, 128 MB Cache, 2.5" - WD20SPZX= No Storage

Tablo Quad:
Amazon delivered 7/25/19

Tablo Device=2.2.26


 Amazon Delivered 8/19/19 

After I installed the internal hard drive the STORAGE tab indicates UNFORMATTED.

After I factory reset the Tablo Quad the STORAGE tab indicates as NO STORAGE CONNECTED.

My first impressions was the amount of heat being generated even before I installed the internal hard drive seems alot.

Thanks in advance for helping!

First thing I would do is put it on a $10 laptop cooler from amazon. :grinning:

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I would second that suggestion.

Works great…One of the best things you can do for your Tablo …to prevent disconnects and to extend its thermal life :sunglasses:

I bought a WD Blue 1TB, and it was so slow I believe it to have been defective. I returned it and used a 32GB USB flash drive instead, and I’m able to record 15+ hours to it with no problems. No buffering etc at the default resolution (HD 720 - 5Mbps for both recording & live tv) - better performance than the WD Boot Anchor. :wink:

Alas, flash drives are not fully compatible with Tablo. It sounds like the one you bought is fast enough which is good, but flash drives aren’t designed with the same amount of read/write cycles as USB drives and will therefore fail sooner. You may also find issues with the auto-delete algorithm as it’s not designed to be used with such a small amount of storage.

For long-term success, I would recommend switching to a recommended drive:

I have the same combination (Tablo Quad plus WD Blue 2TB). Only had it for ~2 weeks. Worked OK, but I started getting issues with HD connection - Tablo SW claims “no storage connected”. First time, a “reconnect” from the client software (on Roku that time) seemed to clear up issue. Next, started seeing same “no storage connected” - this time had to do Tablo reset. Seemed OK, but now about 12 hours later, same issue, and reset does not solve.
As indicated by others, the Tablo itself seems warmer than I would expect, but reading through the forum and Tablo’s FAQs, this seems normal (it’s warm, but not so hot I can’t hold in my hand).

OK, so I have a Quad. The recommended internal storage options are:

For SATA-connected drives, we recommend Western Digital Blue or Seagate BarraCuda internal drives.

I bought a [$45] WD Blue 1TB, and it was unusable performance, but the [free, found it in my desk drawer] 32GB USB flash drive is perfect. I call shenanigans on your theory :smile:

When and if the USB stick breaks, I’ll go find an external USB drive (or another flash drive, depending on how long it lasted before), but I probably don’t record enough to justify a storage purchase. Spending $200 on the Quad (and $40 for the outdoor antenna) was enough $$ for now just to record a few tv shows here and there.

Maybe the WD drive is defective. Or the SATA port on your Tablo is defective.