Tablo Quad - Tuner blown?


Tablo Quad, 4.5 years old. Worked fine until last weekend. All recordings failing. Now “no channels found” on a rescan. Plugged the antenna (in the attic) into a TV, found 30 channels, so it’s not the antenna.

Unplugged power adapter from mains overnight. Plugged back in, no change.

Has my tuner just blown? Is this a common thing?


I’d contact @TabloSupport and see if they can walk you through anything to diagnose the potential cause(s).

Many of us have had to replace our original power supply at some point in our ownership. I know when I started encountering “odd” issues I bought a replacement power supply and I was back up and running.

They are available here…

Might be worth the small investment to rule it out.

Thanks for that info. I think I’d seen other mention of a PSU swap elsewhere for other issues.

I do have a support ticket in and will see what they say. To be honest, if something as cheap as the PSU swap doesn’t get it, I will be done with Tablo. I have Sling TV for sports and news … and Tablo for the locals. I will likely just go back to Fubo if the Tablo has died, and get everything with the cloud DVR.

I haven’t had all that many issues with Tablo over the years … but there have been enough issues (bum firmware releases, failed recordings, series scheduling “quirks”) to put me off buying another.

Thanks for the response!


Tablo support remoted in and said that the tuners were busted. I figured as much. But I’d already ordered another PSU (which seemed to take agest to arrive, btw). Same results with the new PSU. So I will give that PSU to a friend who has a dual lite, as a spare.

Initially I was really thinking about just going back to streaming to get locals, but then I figured, that the price of the new 4th gen is only 3 months of the difference between Sling Blue and YTTV. So I decided to go for it.

The new 4th gen arrived today, and is all set up. Not too sure about the picture quality, doesn’t seem quite as good (at least not using the internal storage) but I’ve only really watched a couple of shows so far. The interface is different and will take some getting used to. But functionality appears good.

Picture quality on 1080i stations is much improved, at least for sports.

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