Tablo QUAD Shutting Itself Off Every Day

My QUAD is my third Tablo. I am a big fan. It’s been working quite well for the last couple of months since I bought it, until this week. This week, I have experienced the “Unable to find Tablo QUAD” error message whenever I try to watch a show around lunchtime. When I go to check on the box, it appears powered off, though its Ethernet activity lights are blinking. A power cycle (not a reset) seems to solve the problem, and all is good until sometime between 8am and 2pm PST the next day, when it shuts itself down again. This has happened four days in a row this week. Nothing has changed about my home’s network or electrical power.

Wired connection. Internal 2tb drive. Connected to a Cyberpower UPS.

Possible power supply issue. You can try the easy things new ethernet cable, different switch port. But probably best to log a support case and let tablo support look at the log files.

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The Tablo is not powered off if the Ethernet port lights are blinking, however it is possible the Tablo is freezing up possibly due to overheating? Is the Tablo in a well ventilated area?

Open a Support Ticket directly with Tablo and have them look at the logs to tell what is going on.

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Thanks for this and the previous reply. Yes, it’s in a well-ventilated space. It’s got its own shelf in a rack with over 6 inches of clearance between the switch below it, and an NAS above it. And the room is temperature-regulated.

I will take y’all’s advice and open a support ticket. I have also seen other posts about the power supply. I have a good spare LPS with the right capacity that I can also try on it.