Tablo Quad Running Hot

I know this subject has been covered in the past but the most recent post I found was from 2019. I have the Quad running with internal hard drive. Have had issues in the past that I couldn’t resolve and didn’t know why. Within the past week I noticed an error message saying “drive not found” or “could not connect to drive.” I removed the hard drive and re-seated it. It worked for about 24 hours and then the same errors started popping up again. I purchased one of the cooling fans (USB) on Amazon and initially set it in front of the hard drive to let it cool down. With the this new fan I have had several days of trouble free TV and DVR service. The highest temp I measured was around 107F but with the fan it now stays in the low to mid 80s. Just hoping this might help others who may be experiencing drive issues with their unit.


I thought mine was feeling kind of hot but I found that there is a temperature range for it. It is 45F to 95F. That would be the range of temperatures in your home and what most people have with their heat pumps. Don’t know how to measure the temp from the Tablo though. With the temps here nearing 120 degrees I have been having problems with Tablo Not Found so maybe this is also my problem. I will have to get a small fan and see if that helps.