Tablo Quad + Roku Streaming Stick/Samsung

New Tablo user here. Just received the Quad this afternoon and begin hooking everything up, except the Ruko, which is new from Best Buy last week.

The Quad is directly connected to my wifi router and I can stream OTA TV to my desktop browser without issue. The desktop is also hardwired to the router. I can also connect to the Quad from my cell phone app. My problem is the Roku Streaming Stick cannot find the Quad in the Tablo TV app. I’ve power cycled all units and the issue still exists.

Any suggestions?

Something to check, depending on the settings sometimes a router won’t allow connections between wired and wireless devices.

Good advice from @mbellaire but also make sure the Roku & the Tablo are on the same network and that the Roku isn’t on something called a ‘guest’ network.

Those don’t allow device-to-device communication.

Thanks for responding.

That was my first thought too, until I installed the TabloTV app on my Android and can access the Quad and stream video.

Correct and they are on the same net (at least on the LAN). One thing that I thought was odd though last night, I am unable to “see” the Quad in the wireless settings from my cell phone. Thinking that the Quad didn’t have a visible SSID, I installed the Android Tablo TV app and was able to access the Quad that way. Later I read in the Quick Install Guide, the Quad cannot be setup through WiFi unless the ethernet cable is unplugged. I unplugged the ethernet cable and tried to setup the Quad via WiFi, but was unable to do so and plugged the cable back into the router.

I think it’s something with the Quad WiFi settings, but haven’t found the appropriate and accessible menu(s) for doing so.

Are they on the same subnet?

You won’t see the Tablo’s network in the list of available networks if it’s already on the network. So when it’s connected via Ethernet and online, it won’t appear.

When you say you were unable to set the Tablo up via WiFi, what did you try?

Did you remove the Ethernet, reboot the Tablo and choose ‘EDIT WIFI’ from the web or mobile app?

I don’t have the answer to that question.

Yes, that’s what I understood from the manual too.

Does it matter if the Tablo is hardwired or wireless for the Roku to access it? I have read several reviews and threads that said that their DVR couldn’t be accessed by the media streaming devices until the DVR went wireless. But I"m pretty sure these were in regards to Amazon’s Recast and not about the Tablo Quad.

  1. The browser interface from my desktop when the Quad is hard wired to my router.
  2. The Tablo app from my Android when the Quad is hardwired and wireless to my router. Power cycled the Quad each way.
  3. Roku when the Quad is wired and wireless, power cycled each way.

I’ve tried both methods.

When I get home this afternoon, I’ll be going through the setup(s) again to verify I haven’t missed a step. I suspect it’s something with Tablo’s initial WiFi settings that aren’t quite matching up with my network’s setting.

Thanks for everyone’s input!

Quick update. I basically started all over yesterday morning with the Tablo Quad setup. I first tried the WiFi setup instead of ethernet first. After two full power cycles, the blue LED on the Quad began flashing instead of solid on. Once it was flashing (slower rate), I was able to see and access the Quad from my laptop and proceed with the setup.

After the Quad was setup, Roku was then able to get connected.

I don’t know what the issue was, but it definitely WiFi related which I think fixed itself with the multiple power cycles. The power cycles weren’t back to back. After the first power cycle, I still wasn’t able to proceed with the setup, so I power cycled again and started over.