Tablo Quad Plus Rokus for sale

Note: seems unfair to post this here, but don’t know how else to proceed. If the Tablo monitor wishes to delete this posting I totally understand, but please notify me so I can look elsewhere.

Selling my Tablo Quad plus three Roku 3s and a Roku 2. I am keeping the HDD for a different purpose. Tablos are $267 at Amazon, so I’ll sell for $135 and pay the shipping within the US. Roku 3s for $40, Roku 2 for $25, also including shipping and the remotes.

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I’d be interested in a Roku 3. What model number do you have?

I’d be interested in a Roku 3, also. And, would also like to know which model number. Send me a PM

Interested in a Roku 3, email sent.

Interested in Tablo. email sent

I’m interested in a Roku3.

Is the tablo still available?