Tablo quad on WiFi problems

Hi all. New user here. Got my. Tablo in a few days ago and got it hooked up via WiFi. Works great but was hoping for more channels so tried a different antenna. That’s when my troubles started. Whenever I try to view tv through Tablo I get a message that it needs to be set up. When I try to do so it doesn’t show up as an option in my network connections. So I checked my router and I see it as being connected to my network. I emailed support and they told me it’s communicating with them but I still get a message that it needs to be set up. Any suggestions?


So you could watch just fine… connected a different antenna, hoping for a new antenna and just like that - it says it needs to be completely set up all over again, just changing coax cables.

And looking in “network connections” it doesn’t show up? Did you try putting the first antenna back on, since it was already “set-up” to use that one?

If it’s only a few days old, it’s under warranty. Changing antennas probably shouldn’t make it unable to be set up again. If you were able to set it up once, it’s not you.

Good morning Jim,
I see that this thread is several days old. Hopefully you have gotten your problems resolved by now.

But for what it’s worth…
I originally tried the WiFi on my Tablo and it seemed rather sketchy at best. I rearranged my setup so that my Tablo uses ethernet directly into my router. I have found that setup to be the most stable solution for me. I’ve had this setup for 2+ years now.

In my neighborhood, I have found that the 2.5GHz band to be over crowed.
I can’t help but wonder if your Tablo is experiencing the same type of over crowding issues on the 2.5GHz band.

On Android, there is an app called WiFi Analyzer. It will show you all the users in your area that are using 2.5GHz WiFi.

Also, on some wireless routers, you can adjust the output power of the wireless signal. If this is possible on your router, this might help your situation.

Best of luck in getting your Tablo issues resolved.

Just my two cents…

Well I went from an older outdoor shark fin antenna to an indoor Motu Leaf with no real difference so switched back to the old antenna, but yes, in the process it lost the connection a couple of times. After hooking up the old antenna again I got the he message to connect again but the Tablo does not show in available networks.

Thanks for the response Dr Jack. I did get it back up but WiFi seems to be intermittent. I am looking to go wired as you suggest. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the success you had. :grin:

That’s some odd behaviour - if you have any other issues, don’t hesitate to give us a ring directly at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).