Tablo Quad Not Connecting Solved

My Tablo would not connect after a day of use. I removed the 1 TB hard drive and replaced it with a 250 GB Samsung ssd that I had after upgrading my PC. Everything worked fine after replacing the 1 TB hard drive. But the 1 TB hard drive worked fine hooked up to my computer. So I tried the 1 TB hard drive in the Tablo again with out the cover and pushed in. The Tablo works fine with the 1 TB hard drive installed. It appears to be a connection problem. I put a small plastic spacer at the back of the hard drive and installed the cover. The Tablo works with the spacer.

Is this 1 TB drive thinner than other 2.5” drives?

It doesn’t appear to be thinner. I pushed on the back of the drive with the cover off to make it work. My thought was it was slightly too short. I put some thin plastic to the rear to force it into the connector more firmly when the screw was tightened. Since the Tablo worked fine for the first 24 to 36 hours that I had it running, that heat could be a problem. The unit was fairly warm when it failed. I now have it sitting on a laptop cooler.

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Had to pull the hard drive again. Thought I had solved the problem. The hard is a 2.5 inch Seagate BarraCuda SMR 1TB 7200 RPM. I have a Samsung 2.5 inch 250 GB ssd that seems to work.

Maybe the HDD is faulty / defective if the SSD works.

I think your right. I’ve read many posts of intermittent hdd’s. I always thought Hdd’s just fail completely. Apparently not.