Tablo Quad Network regularly loose connection with player

I recently purchased the quad network Table and I have an approved 1TB drive installed. The Tablo seems to record fine but playback will often stop with No Tablo Found error. When I searched for the Tablo it did not find it. I must go and reset the Tablo for the device to work again and the recording can go past the place it stopped at before.
At this point any live or playback tv will crash the Tablo about 5 minutes into playing. Only a restart will recover operations and it can crash again before the end of the show. I primarily use Roku to access Tablo.
Given only a reset fixes the problem I’m concerned there is a hardware issue with the new Tablo (I had an older version for years and loved it).

You might try setting up an IP reservation on the router for the Tablo. How is your Tablo connected to your home network?