Tablo Quad Network died?

Our Tablo Quad network with 8TB hard drive (HD is powered by its own wall wart). started to complain first on only one TV channel and gave the message “Reconnecting to Tablo” from the Roku Ultra it shares on my network. Finally it started to do this on all TV channels. The unit got extremely hot and finally the blue LED is no longer lit, unit is not detected by the Roku and it is now stone cold. I measured the DC voltage from the adapter and it reads 12.1VDC unloaded and when the Quad is powered, it reads 11.5 VDC. I separated the wires and exposed the conductors for the measurement. Question is: assuming the unit is toast, and we replace the Quad with another one can we recover the recordings or ?. We have another older Tablo that is also connected to the Roku and it is still marching along.

It’s not just voltage, it’s also amps.
Try using the power adapter from the other Tablo.
If the Quad suddenly works properly, buy a new power adapter:

Also, check the Quad without the hard drive connected.
Power the Quad off.
Unplug the hard drive cable from the Quad.
Power the Quad on.
If Live TV works fine, then the hard drive may have issues.

If your Quad really is toast, the recordings on the Quad’s hard drive should still be good.
Here are the steps to move the hard drive to another Tablo:

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Thank you for the response. It was the power adapter. Fortunately, I had bought a rebuilt Tablo (early) model a few years ago as a backup and used that adapter. It is a 12V 2A unit with a much larger rectangular case. The adapter that failed is a newer model - smaller with a curved case made by TEka.