Tablo Quad needs another HDD?

I bought a Tablo Quad in October 2019 with a 2TB WD Blue HDD. Two months ago in August 2023, I started getting “failure to connect” issues. The HDD had been squealing/squeaking prior so I assumed that it was at fault. I replaced it with an identical HDD and all was well again. Now, October 2023, I can not connect to the Tablo again. Not on the Android app. Not on the PC app. Not on Roku TVs. I have reset all (router, Tablo, TV) several times with no joy. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the culprit might be?

See if the unit is discoverable with no hard drive attached. Could point to a weak/failing power adapter.

Some have bought power adapters from Amazon, search the forum.

Still no joy with HDD removed. I have a new power adapter on order anyway. It’s an inexpensive experiment, unlike buying a third HDD. The old power adapter could be so weak that it can’t effecticvly power the unit even without the HDD. I’ll report back. Should be here in two days. Thanks for the advice.

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Power adapter (supply) arrived today. I was back up and running within ten minutes. That’s so strange that power supplies fail slowly and that this is the source of several issues with a Tablo. But, can’t argue with results. Thanks again.

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